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  1. All good things

    Many of you saw the screenshot that leaked and thus saw a bit of what I had to say to the staff. As a player, I have made countless lifelong friends here, people I still keep up with despite not playing anymore. Some, I've even met in person! Together, we created hundreds of raiding guilds, fought and killed all the hardest bosses thousands and thousands of times. We've decimated each other in arena/battlegrounds and managed to trash-talk one another for days. So much time, effort, and memories were spent here and I don't regret a moment of it, even the times I didn't study for school in order to make a raid. As a GM, I started as a lowly trial what feels like forever ago and worked alongside surely more than a hundred GMs that have come and gone. Many of the staff still check in every once in a while to ask how it has been going and how Excalibur is coming along. The staff on Excal have seriously been incredible. So many hours spent assisting players, answering tickets, testing mechanics, and reporting bugs. I thank you all for all of the volunteer work you put in and could not have asked for a better bunch to assist this server. See you all at the going away party!!! Ps. retired GM Mashiro says "Hey, I've missed everyone over the years and I hope you all had fun while it lasted."