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  1. VidCon 2018 - Voting

    Yes, the voting period is over and the winners have been announced above.
  2. VidCon 2018 - Voting

    The results are in! 1st place: Knaittiis - "Evolution of Larry" 2nd place: Unschuld - "Vidcon 2018 - Ticket Time" 3rd place: Baeumchen - "Excalibur WoW Video Contest" Please submit a support ticket to claim your rewards!
  3. VidCon 2018

    The player voting topic has been posted here: Note: Alekto's video was not included as it did not fit within our requirements of being underneath 10 minutes long.
  4. VidCon 2018 - Voting

    Please vote above for the winner of VidCon 2018! Videos below:
  5. VidCon 2018

    We have decided to push the contest deadline back until February 2nd, 23:59 server time. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    The code can no longer be redeemed. It expired on December 3rd.
  7. VidCon 2018

    You won't be forbidden from using the same songs, but we will take it into account. Just try and be creative! Make a story or a video that is funny, etc.
  8. VidCon 2018

    Indeed, all video submissions must be newly created for this event. How similar the story is from a previous video you have made does not matter too much as long as it is not the same footage and audio.
  9. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    The credits will not expire. You can keep them as long as you wish.
  10. Network maintenance

    We suspect an issue with an upstream provider which is not directly in our control, it is being investigated as we speak.
  11. VidCon 2018

    Greetings Players! The annual Excalibur video contest is back! Rules: - The video must be between 1-10 minutes long. - The video must mention Excalibur in some way (credits is fine). - The video must be primarily filmed on Excalibur, however, adding other imagery is fine. The deadline for all videos is January 5th at 23:59 server time. The video contest will be decided via vote. Players and GMs alike will both be able to vote for their favorite video. Player votes will count for 60% and GM votes will count for 40%. Videos will primarily be judged on their uniqueness, humor, cool factor, and storytelling ability. Rewards: 1st place - Big Battle Bear and 3k credits 2nd place - White Tiger Cub and 1.5k credits 3rd place - Orange Murloc Egg and 500 credits All participants will receive 500 gold. Good luck to all participants!
  12. Vote event December

    The toplists have reset and we are starting a new vote event. If the spots are reached before the 15th of December the rates will be upped for 3 days! - reach a place in the top 5 on Gtop100 list - reach a place in the top 5 on TopG list - reach a place in the top 15 on Xtremetop100 list - reach a place in the top 15 on Top100arena list We will double the following rates for all factions: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering, and gold. Be sure to login to our account tools at: http://account.excalibur.ws/ and click on the voting tab. To enable double xp, just type .xprate 4
  13. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    We are aware of the issue and currently working on it.
  14. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Greetings Players, We have launched a new Battleground Activity feature! Now, players will be rewarded for the first battleground they complete each day. The rewards scale over time as you complete battlegrounds daily. Milestones: Daily reward - 500 honor and 10 gold for the first game of the day. 10 daily games completed = 10 Badge of Justice 20 daily games completed = Baby Shark 50 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 100 daily games completed = Green Dragon Orb and 20 Large Blue Rocket Cluster 150 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 200 daily games completed = Competitor's Souvenir and 20 Large Green Rocket Cluster 250 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 300 daily games completed = Gold Medallion and 20 Large Red Rocket Cluster 350 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 400 daily games completed = Romantic Picnic Basket , 20 Lucky Rocket Cluster , and Big Battle Bear 450 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 500 daily games completed = Merciless Nether Drake , Contest Winner's Tabard , and 1,500 credits You can check your progress with a command .bgcheck ~The ExcaliburWoW Staff
  15. Social Media and Twitch!

    We are aware of this issue, and hope it won't affect us. If it does, we'll tackle that issue then (either recreating or moving to youtube streaming).