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  1. All good things

    Farewell, I love you!
  2. All good things

    Oh man Exithus its you @Exithus
  3. All good things

    Hello! This is Mubashir/Mub (Druid/Hunter) I wanted to say a few words and admit somethings because I might never get another change and I feel that if I don't today....I might be never 0. I was Gnomish, probably the most bum GM of all times on ExcaliburWOW. 1. I am sorry @Nerokk, I once said some very offensive things to you (indirectly) and knew that it would hurt you and/or maybe someone else's feeling and ...I am really sorry to have done that; I was immature, in fact very immature back then. I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! 1.1 Thank you for everything @Thelxinoe, from the depth of my heat. 2. I am sorry to all others if I have ever been toxic to you/raid, I had a very short temper back then and if a player/team/raid wasn't serious - I would rage and say offensive/abusive words. I AM SORRY ABOUT THIS TOO. 3. @Keritous dude it has been a pleasure knowing you and your fellow Persian friends, including Mustafa Mizdushi, Saoron, Farid and some more; I hope and it is my prayer that I remain in contact with you all for ...forever! 4. @MrAladeen thank you for administering such a beautiful realm, it has been a pleasure playing with my fellow teammates here. 5. I used to spend a lot of times browsing some good addons and it was hard to have them all at one place during 2013 - 2014, so I made a rar file of whatever I had collected and uploaded it to Google Drive and made it public for everyone to use, that link is presented on this thread : link ; you are all welcome. If someone from the following Guilds: The Hammer of Light Tervaleijona Salvation DeProfundis Are reading this, I wanna say that I am grateful to have played along side you. We did a lot of stuff together, including singing songs on Teamspeak, wasting time farming mats for raids, making fun of Samoonra <3, sorry Sammm <3 :-D Samoonra sire, you taught me the da wae of da Druid <3 ...So many more things to say, but honestly I have ran out of words for this. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! My discord name is: Mubashir#6081
  4. The cake is a lie!