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  1. All good things

    Sad to read this but all good things have to come to an end eventually, and I think the timing is right. I made a lot of good friends all over the world from different backgrounds, whether it's a 64 years old and caring grandmother, a guy who lives a few kilometers from my very random town, or one of my best friends on the server and my guild's Main Tank who made us wait for 2 years while he spends the time in jail (he actually came back full time!). I still remember how I got into <Shiny Loot>, my first home in the server. I had my own Guild Bank called <Wind Scar> (some of you recognize the jew Auction House dictator "Inuyasha"? Level 3 Blood Elf protected in Booty Bay by Critman), and I joined my first pug raid in the server. It was a Zul'Aman and I was a fresh level 70 Shaman, didn't know shit and we fucked up so hard, but we enjoyed it so much that they made me leave my guild bank and join Shiny Loot. With zero experience of all of us, we managed to progress from a casual guild that was struggling with Karazhan to a hardcore endgame guild clearing Sunwell twice a week. I cherish those days. A special thank to <Svensk> and <Horrible/Terrible> who accepted me later on after we dissolved. I had hell of a fun playing with you. Most of the times we cleared fast, sometimes we fucked up hard but I mostly liked the good and very racist atmosphere and the whole attention I started to get even from people that were not guildies (you retards keep marking me with a {star} every raid! fu crusher). So for those who say sorry - don't. It was fun. Thank you dear staff members, mostly that you had to suffer from all the bullshit players complain about while you are here as volunteers. It's definitely not the first server I played at, but it's the first time I felt that the staff listens to what people say in gmhelp, forum, bug tracker or ticket support (even if you need to wait some time to get a response for a ticket, it WILL be read). Long Live Excalibur!