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  1. Server Update - Revision 121

    Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep Fixed issue that prevented Lieutenant Drake from becoming attackable on heroic difficulty
  2. Server Update - Revision 121

    General Druids should once again restore their Flight Form properly after leaving from battleground World Environment Fixed an issue that allowed certain AOE spells to hit Phase Wyrms while out of phase Issue that caused Halaa guards to disappear sometimes should be fixed now Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep Fixed several (mostly cosmetic) issues Improved spawn locations of all creatures in Durnholde Keep and Tarren Mill, added waypoints for many creatures
  3. New Battleground Activity Feature

    .bgcheck chat command is now available.
  4. New Battleground Activity Feature

    We indeed planned to make it more like "monthly season" style at some point during our discussion, but later we decided it may be not what we are trying to achieve by implementing this. Our goal is to encourage players to play at least one battleground every day, even those players that are not interested in PvP. That's why we don't even ask you to win a game but just play (this might change in future, if we see a reason). We don't want to turn this into a competition. Thus resetting progress after X days feels unfair towards players who have started their progress in the middle of "season" or closer to an end.
  5. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Command will also show how many battleground games you have played/won since this feature was implemented and how many games you played/won this month.
  6. New Battleground Activity Feature

    To clear some things up: you can play as many games as you want every day, but only the first game is counted towards milestone progress. It can be either win or loss. You are not required to play every day, progress does not reset if you miss a day, two or even whole week. Daily progress resets at the same time as daily quests. Soon we will add a chat command to let you check your status, will be announced later.
  7. Server Update - Revision 109

    A few hotfixes applied with today's (15 January 2018) general maintenance: World Environment Moonrage creatures in Pyrewood Village are no longer considered elite Fixed an issue where sometimes some creatures would not return home properly after enganging in combat Hunter Improved Hunter's Mark should be working as intended now Priest Holy Fire spell bonus damage coefficients have been corrected Pets Pets should now properly stop moving when cast command is issued Succubus should now interrupt her Seduction channeling when the aura is removed from the affected unit (e.g. due to damage) Items Arcanite Dragonling should now cast spells in combat as intended Quests "A Crew Under Fire" script has been implemented "In Dream" script has been reworked, should be working now "What Book? I Don't See Any Book." script has been completely reworked Sunwell Plateau Fixed an edge case where sometimes M'uru would not properly respawn after a wipe under certain circumstances To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder. As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.
  8. Server Update - Revision 108

    Today (10 January 2018) the following fixes were applied: General Improved gas cloud extraction behaviour Improved the random movement synchronization for units that are under crowd control effects Crowd control effects that may break on damage taken now have a chance to break on hit as well (regardless of the damage amount) World Environment Various bad loot has been removed from numerous creatures Respawn time of various creatures across the world has been corrected Damage of various spells used by creatures across the world has been corrected to more blizzlike values Wildlord Antelarion can now restore your misplaced Felsworn Gas Mask Items Alchemist's Stone will now properly increase the effects of Dreamless Sleep Potion and Fel Mana Potion Aegis of Preservation will no longer benefit from priest's bonus healing Quests "Take Down Tethyr!" script has been implemented "Escape from the Staging Grounds" script has been improved Hunter Aspect of the Viper mana regeneration formula has been reworked once again Paladin Unsuccessful Seal of Blood procs will no longer deal any damage to the paladin Priest Shadowfiend's attack speed and melee damage have been corrected to more blizzlike values Temple of Atal'Hakkar Various improvements have been made to the Avatar of Hakkar encounter Zul'Gurub Various improvements have been made to the High Priestess Mar'li encounter Hellfire Citadel: The Blood Furnace Shadowmoon Channeler's Mark of Shadow will no longer expire too early under certain circumstances Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog Swamplord Musel'ek's Freezing Trap can now be disarmed properly Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern Hydross the Unstable can no longer deliver crushing blows Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep Fixed an issue when Epoch Hunter sometimes did not aggro as intended Karazhan Various improvements have been made to the Shade of Aran encounter Tempest Keep: The Eye Thaladred the Darkener's Gaze mechanic is working once again Black Temple Various improvements have been made to Essence of Suffering's Fixate mechanic Magisters' Terrace Kael'thas Sunstrider will no longer receive increased damage while under Power Feedback effect on heroic difficulty To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder. As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.
  9. Server Update - Revision 107

    Today (13 December 2017) the following fixes were applied: General Reputation is now stored as a floating precision value serverside, characters will no longer lose any reputation due to integer rounding Negative reputation changes are no longer affected by human racial passive Diplomacy and similar effects Reputation rewards for meta factions (such as Alliance, Horde and Steamwheedle Cartel) will now affect your reputation with each faction in faction group Players should be able to see their teammates' pets during arena game preparation period now Addressed various server stability issues World Environment More than 200 creatures across the world have had their gossip menus improved More than 700 vendors across the world have had their inventory corrected, various items are now limited supply as intended More than 1350 creatures have had their models corrected or additional model variations added Killing Booty Bay Bruisers, Ratchet Bruisers, Gadgetzan Bruisers and Everlook Bruisers should now always reduce your reputation with the respective faction Chambermaid Pillaclencher can now randomly spawn during "Kill 'Em With Sleep Deprivation" quest progression The AI of Cabal Ritualist has been improved The AI of Time-Lost Scryer has been improved The AI of Ethereal Arcanist has been improved Items Malefic Raiment (4) set bonus should now increase the damage of Incinerate as intended Kreeg's Stout Beatdown now stacks with food buffs The AI of Gnomish Battle Chicken guardian has been improved Quests More than 100 quests have had their reputation rewards corrected More than 200 quests have had their texts corrected Various escort quests should now once again correctly reset when escortee is killed "A Warden of the Alliance" is now correctly offered by human orphan during Children's Week world event "The Mind's Eye" script has been improved "Blood of Innocents" script has been improved "Seek Redemption!" script has been improved "The Glowing Fruit" script has been improved "The Shimmering Frond" script has been improved "Denalan's Earth" script has been improved "How Big a Threat?" script has been improved "A Lost Master (1)" and "A Lost Master (2)" scripts have been improved "Escape Through Force" and "Escape Through Stealth" epilogue scripts have been implemented "The Sleeper Has Awakened" script has been improved Creatures involved in druid quests "The Eagle's Essence", "The Falcon's Essence" and "The Hawk's Essence" have had their AI improved "Akama" script has been improved "The Ata'mal Terrace" script has been improved "The Secret Compromised" script has been improved "A Distraction for Akama" is now set to autocomplete Alterac Valley Stormpike Quartermaster and Frostwolf Quartermaster have been spawned Various missing creatures and gameobjects have been spawned or moved to their correct spawn location Objects for quests "Coldtooth Supplies" and "Irondeep Supplies" have been spawned Score UI should now appear once battle begins as intended Deadmines * The AI of Edwin VanCleef has been improved Wailing Caverns Enemies should now once again be able to attack Disciple of Naralex during escort event Blackrock Spire Warosh <The Cursed> has been spawned Sunwell Plateau Kil'jaeden will now knockback any player who comes too close to him or attempts to cross the Sunwell (not active during the Shadow Spike phase) To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder. As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.