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  1. Network maintenance

    Any news on DDOS or server instability?
  2. Vote event October

    Well reading all your posts is like listening to a 7 year old crying little girl. Sorry if it sounds harsh. Its no the "developers" losing players (btw they are just a part of a huge team ;)) ) its US losing players. As long as you dont count yourself as part of the server and as part of the solution you can cry as much as you want. You wont change anything. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi ~Regards, and thanks for supporting the hankies industries with all your tears.
  3. Vote event October

    And you think by any chance this would change something? 90% of the players on this server has no idea what to change and how to change it to increase the population and you wanna make those people decide over changes? Like you want the devs to stop fixing bugs and improving the server? Ive already wrote it in another topic with the similiar discussion: The staff is limited in things to do to increase the population. You can get 5000 new players each day. When they read world chat or ask for help on excalibur none of them will stay because why should they start on a toxic server? Before you demand the administration to change things the community should change their behaviour first. Its about getting excalibur more publicity. Thats something everybody can do without the gms help. P.S: there werent that many bad changes in the past. Just tell me one.