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  1. All good things

    Will it be possible with a free factionchange in case the transfer will be ti a server that doesn’t have crossfasction? I know its alot to ask...
  2. All good things

    Thanks to Excalibur for the time here! And special thanks to Dissonance for the raids.. I will miss it! I dont feel that im done with TBC and my hope for a chance to tranfer is that the staff comes to an agreement with Netherwing.. What does Excal have to offer in return for the players to be allowed to transfer? Well - as allmost everyone have already stated this is the best scripted server and Netherwing is about to launch SWP.. Ofc Netherwing is not interested in being overfloated with full BIS players so a maximum of gear, gold, honor, rep etc. is should be set, but full naked transfer is not the only option.. Atleast thats my dream Thanks again @everyone