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  1. Transfers and more

    hi, your local dictator here to address some concerns. We don't really have hotlines with other servers. Downloading your characters is actually the best thing we could offer, now other servers can freely use choose to import (parts of) our characters whilst also leaving the choice to do so with you, the player. Our players likely have a better understanding of where they want to migrate to then us, this way you can bring up the case and another server can potentially bring new players by offering to import our old ones. We advertise them in return. From my understanding Dalaran has committed to doing the transfers but need some more time to make script to import the data. Dalaran is also free to speak on our forum regarding the subject. There are still some other very promising plans ongoing besides Dalaran that I know of, but I won't make promises/announcements on their behalf. Both the staff and my trash self had moved onto other priorities in life, a collision of multiple events made our choice for us, our head staff could no longer commit the time, rather then start recruiting a new core team we chose to end it. Believe what you will but for me this is hobby and haven't seen a single penny for years, this always was about keeping it going with the staff and core dev team on board. up until the final decision (not just my say) it was business as usual, though I admit the timing is shit, my apologies, for some background information the costs have outweighed the income for some time now and it's not like our costs were that high. They are on it but need some time, I imagine they will make an official announcement one of these days themselves with a better indication of when it will be supported. Instead a big red warning label was added, linking to the announcement. before then cancellation wasn't final, later on there were also ongoing discussions of potential continuation we held back the initial post as it would have hurt the cause in which case maybe the shutdown wouldn't have been a shutdown, not like it helped with the leak and all.
  2. Transfers and more

    I would suggest attempting to reach out to them and pointing them to our guide.
  3. Transfers and more

    It's up, there is a page with a usage guide for developers.
  4. Transfers and more

    Quick update: the character export tool is basically ready to go but not yet live, we're putting some final touches on it and expanding on the guide to help other servers get started with importing the data. I expect it will be up soon™
  5. Transfers and more

    Not at this time, though anyone with a serious offer and some resources and know-how can contact me. ( if you are not a programmer or haven't compiled emulators before you're out, also not offering the excalibur brand )
  6. Transfers and more

    I updated the main post, if anyone knows of servers that might want to support a different method of facilitating unique sign up bonuses for having max level chars with us, that's fine too.
  7. Transfers and more

    My apologies for the late message. We have been talking to some other servers about doing transfers and we found a way to move forward. Over the next week we will release a character transfer tool in the same way "Light's hope" has. This transfer tool let's you "download your character", we will use an cryptographic signature to guarantee that your characters are original and not tampered with yourself. This way any server that wishes to allow transfers with us can do so. We've already talked to DalaranWoW, a WoTLK server , they will accept this transfer but need some more time to implement this on their side. The rest is up to you guys, contact your favorite servers and ask them to support our new integration method! They can contact me here on the forum if they need help and examples of the implementation We will advertise any servers that implement our transfers. I will post an update soon with more technical information and a link to the transfer tool itself. Edit: In addition if there are any servers that wish to simply offer a transfer bonus for (for example) having a max level char on our server they can contact me as well
  8. All good things

    Indeed there was a new website, there were reasons beyond laziness holding it back. It was never a drop in replacement or inches away from operational. Marketing channels were always limited, to lift the veil a little, email marketing was considered and even trialed, after incurring cost sanitizing the mailinglist results were still severely disappointing in terms of bounce rate tests and would have gotten us banned. We chose to shelf this option. I don't disagree that we could have done more. With personal and professional priorities shifting my limited involvement was also in part a choice, it is not a fulltime job for me. I have never been against someone else taking the wheel, but can't say I was ever actively looking either, and whilst like above I'm sure more could have been done, there are deeper issues in the server that would have persisted like item store p2w claims, old player database / inflation creating barrier to entry, lack of bot protection (this is really hard), gold farms, aging graphics as well as retail tbc rumors. Though there are still (big) tbc servers, my impression is that it's not a growing market. I understand I probably can't do right by all you that invested your hearts, money and countless hours into our server with an announcement like this, but what I can do is be honest. We are discussing transfer options. It just wouldn't be up to standards, the next crashloop caused by bugged NPC path-finding and we could be down for days, at least now it's on our terms. --- I'd do an AMA but feel it'd be more of a roast then anything else, let me know if anyone wants this.
  9. All good things

    With the departure of Settra and dwindling interest in excalibur / tbc in general we decided it is preferable to stop now than continue trying and delivering sub par experience.
  10. All good things

    Dear Subjects, First of all, let me start by saying that it has been a pleasure for us all on the Excalibur staff to help run the server and an honor for me to be your dictator for over a decade. Throughout this time, thousands of players and over a hundred staff members had come together to support the server. From fun events, raids, Khoof, Olana, slow PvP queues and server updates, to bans, bugs and 'OMG GM LAG PLZ FIX', we have had an amazing time together on the server. As some of our core staff and players over time have moved on to bigger and better things, we agreed that now is a good moment for us to stop. Though this doesn't have to mean that this is the end.. ( keep reading.. ) The final day of our server will be Friday February 21st. We will gather on this day to meet in-game to say goodbye to all our friends, Excalibur's going away party is starting at 20:00 CET. Let's go out with a bang! Is this really the end ? Though most of the staff/server/dictatorship as you know will be no more, this doesn't have to mean the end for you or your character(s). There are talks ongoing for continuation / transfers, and we will share more news on this as soon as we can. Meanwhile feel free to keep playing, you won't be disappointed. What after the 21st ? Our server will be taken offline the morning of the 22nd of February. Our website and forum will run for a a year or so and taken offline at a later point in time. Book of memories Let's use this topic to post our most memorable experiences! Share any cool videos, screenshots and stories with everyone so we can help Excalibur go out with a bang. For those of you wanting to create a more permanent time capsule of Excalibur I would recommend posting to the Excalibur subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ExcaliburWoW/ And I want to personally thank everyone who helped us along the way. Thanks to our glorious staff (In alphabetical order): Aerion Alexa Alucard Azelen Nerokk Riakku Varikina Vitiate Thanks to our murdered former staff (In alphabetical order): Ames Ameterat Amrothlin Angelique Areya Atari Belladonna Cappuccino Cop Cucarachella Delindan Enlightenme Ethos Ewe Fractal Fragfrog Gashtershad Guvenor Halloweentown Hertz Izzet Jyotsna Kova Lirath Liverpool Lovelyane Manaruby Mandlebrot Manteca Maradona Mashiro Mercus Ortsolom Orwell Parzival Quasar Raffles Raven Rii Ryan Seia Settra Sharwyn Solaris Solysha Tenshihane Thelxiope Zysh And anyone else we might have forgotten Special thanks to: Khoof Olana Alexis Assasine Abas Cload Zulee