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  1. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    Hi folks, As part of maintenance of one of our upstream providers we will have a brief down time around 17:00 CET. The expected down time should be around 15~30 minutes.
  2. Forum restored

    I am more interested in why they get corrupted in the first place. beyond that say you have copies of boot records, the process to write those back into place is tedious, might as well pop in a new disk and reinstall
  3. Forum restored

    So the good news, Forum is up and running. We rolled back to Saturday morning so we might be missing some posts. For the tech savvy among us. Saturday evening around 23:00 CET an issue occurred with the data storage unit of this server. Once restored the server no longer came back online and seemed to be missing critical boot files. After spending some time to restore it we found most data to be beyond saving and had to revert to a backup file. It goes to show kids, ALWAYS RUN OFFSITE BACKUPS!
  4. A fresh start

    Welcome to our glorious nation/server.
  5. New crypto payment method

    Sometimes Curl error can occur, it's a random error that usually goes away by itself.
  6. New crypto payment method

    So we are offering a few new payment methods. As some people had problems with our Bitcoin payment system we now introduce a new/better system for multiple crypto-currencies. We'll be accepting Bitcoin Litecoin Dash Last but not least, Dogecoin! The new payment system works through our provider coinpayments, their system also gives you live status updates on your payment. We might be changing some settings here and there but overall feel free to give it a go. Please be aware that for Bitcoin/Altcoin payments you gt 15% more coins on top of every other payment method.
  7. A fresh start

    I would like to formally welcome you all to our new forum. Feel free to explore the many new options, it might be that you run into some funky/different behavior. Please be aware we are still finetuning the details of this forum so likely you will see some changes over the next couple of days. One big change is that we removed various forum sections in an attempt to clean up a bit, though we could bring certain sections back that are in popular demand. Beyond that we still have to update some links to the forum and link it to the website (news feeds/etc) It is also worth mentioning that some features on the forum are blocked, for example, you cannot change your email address or update your password through the forum, those can only be changed through the account panel. New accounts are currently also under moderation by default for the firs 3 or so posts they make. Meanwhile I hope you all like it and let it be a start of more good things to come