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    Excalibur team would like to wish you a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year! To make this season even more merry, we are introducing double rates from 20th of December to 2nd of January 2020. Also there will be 20% discount on all items the whole xmass week, from 23rd to 29th of December. Have fun!
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    I've done what I promised. I know the quality of the clips is bad; it is what it is. Thanks everyone who contributed to this video, wittingly or unwittingly. Whether the Excal players go to netherwing, endless, atlantiss or whatever, Godspeed. I hope you can mold your part into the new community that made Excal's so great. Anyways, I don't blame most of you for leaving early, but I must ask that you come back every now and then; the population is a desert, and it's hard for anyone to pvp or do dungeons. I've decided I will log in every day (that I can) until the end to support those of us who will hold on until the last breath with any class and any role since I've finished everything I needed to do.
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    Quick update: the character export tool is basically ready to go but not yet live, we're putting some final touches on it and expanding on the guide to help other servers get started with importing the data. I expect it will be up soon™
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    My apologies for the late message. We have been talking to some other servers about doing transfers and we found a way to move forward. Over the next week we will release a character transfer tool in the same way "Light's hope" has. This transfer tool let's you "download your character", we will use an cryptographic signature to guarantee that your characters are original and not tampered with yourself. This way any server that wishes to allow transfers with us can do so. We've already talked to DalaranWoW, a WoTLK server , they will accept this transfer but need some more time to implement this on their side. The rest is up to you guys, contact your favorite servers and ask them to support our new integration method! They can contact me here on the forum if they need help and examples of the implementation We will advertise any servers that implement our transfers. I will post an update soon with more technical information and a link to the transfer tool itself. Edit: In addition if there are any servers that wish to simply offer a transfer bonus for (for example) having a max level char on our server they can contact me as well
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    First, tool to export/verify characters is written and ready. Second, we are not going to delete all databases the next day after server is closed, we will keep them for a while after.
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    yeah thats what mraladeen really is, a lazy admin, he should have just sold the server to someone who plays here daily, i know a few quite wealthy individuals including myself who would have been interested in keeping it going, but no, if aladeen loses interest he just closes it, doesnt give a fuck about us players
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    If all the cooperative work of awesome players and devs goes to waste, I will find you and I will kill you! Excalibur is possibly the best TBC server in terms of scripting. What are you going to do with the core, which was constantly being enhanced during a decade? This server is what brought me to serious WoW. I met great people ("Dream in True", "HOGWARTS", forum community and my beloved "Unknown", I am talking about you) and I really feel like I experienced this game through and through here. Also, huge thanks to GMs for all the work (especially events) you did, I will miss you. I guess that 3-5 applications of my "determined donkey in a suit, who will become an Excalibur GM no matter how many times you reject me" won't work out after all, will they? Even though I am not much of a player now, Excalibur was still such a big chunk of my life and it is something I won't forget. I can't believe it will be shut down, and, as an extra bonus for me, it will happen on my birthday. What a shame..
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    Keep it online, I will take care of the donations. Or give me the chance to run it on my servers at least.
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    Adios my friends. Its been a good ride. Olana I still f*cking hate you.
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    Many of you saw the screenshot that leaked and thus saw a bit of what I had to say to the staff. As a player, I have made countless lifelong friends here, people I still keep up with despite not playing anymore. Some, I've even met in person! Together, we created hundreds of raiding guilds, fought and killed all the hardest bosses thousands and thousands of times. We've decimated each other in arena/battlegrounds and managed to trash-talk one another for days. So much time, effort, and memories were spent here and I don't regret a moment of it, even the times I didn't study for school in order to make a raid. As a GM, I started as a lowly trial what feels like forever ago and worked alongside surely more than a hundred GMs that have come and gone. Many of the staff still check in every once in a while to ask how it has been going and how Excalibur is coming along. The staff on Excal have seriously been incredible. So many hours spent assisting players, answering tickets, testing mechanics, and reporting bugs. I thank you all for all of the volunteer work you put in and could not have asked for a better bunch to assist this server. See you all at the going away party!!! Ps. retired GM Mashiro says "Hey, I've missed everyone over the years and I hope you all had fun while it lasted."
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    cheers excalibur for lovely 6 years cyas all WWOT moving to SOMETIMES MAYBE GOOD SOMETIMES MAYBE VERY SHIT
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    Dear Subjects, First of all, let me start by saying that it has been a pleasure for us all on the Excalibur staff to help run the server and an honor for me to be your dictator for over a decade. Throughout this time, thousands of players and over a hundred staff members had come together to support the server. From fun events, raids, Khoof, Olana, slow PvP queues and server updates, to bans, bugs and 'OMG GM LAG PLZ FIX', we have had an amazing time together on the server. As some of our core staff and players over time have moved on to bigger and better things, we agreed that now is a good moment for us to stop. Though this doesn't have to mean that this is the end.. ( keep reading.. ) The final day of our server will be Friday February 21st. We will gather on this day to meet in-game to say goodbye to all our friends, Excalibur's going away party is starting at 20:00 CET. Let's go out with a bang! Is this really the end ? Though most of the staff/server/dictatorship as you know will be no more, this doesn't have to mean the end for you or your character(s). There are talks ongoing for continuation / transfers, and we will share more news on this as soon as we can. Meanwhile feel free to keep playing, you won't be disappointed. What after the 21st ? Our server will be taken offline the morning of the 22nd of February. Our website and forum will run for a a year or so and taken offline at a later point in time. Book of memories Let's use this topic to post our most memorable experiences! Share any cool videos, screenshots and stories with everyone so we can help Excalibur go out with a bang. For those of you wanting to create a more permanent time capsule of Excalibur I would recommend posting to the Excalibur subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ExcaliburWoW/ And I want to personally thank everyone who helped us along the way. Thanks to our glorious staff (In alphabetical order): Aerion Alexa Alucard Azelen Nerokk Riakku Varikina Vitiate Thanks to our murdered former staff (In alphabetical order): Ames Ameterat Amrothlin Angelique Areya Atari Belladonna Cappuccino Cop Cucarachella Delindan Enlightenme Ethos Ewe Fractal Fragfrog Gashtershad Guvenor Halloweentown Hertz Izzet Jyotsna Kova Lirath Liverpool Lovelyane Manaruby Mandlebrot Manteca Maradona Mashiro Mercus Ortsolom Orwell Parzival Quasar Raffles Raven Rii Ryan Seia Settra Sharwyn Solaris Solysha Tenshihane Thelxiope Zysh And anyone else we might have forgotten Special thanks to: Khoof Olana Alexis Assasine Abas Cload Zulee
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    Guys finally Murray is no longer creature of the week . took a decade i think but it was done.
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    u sound like a bitch bitch regardless i dont get why would people would want transfer so bad if its naked character or worst not even max lvl. thats maybe 2 3 weeks effort at most. what we actually want is to save our progress of playing on excal for years. now idk if you're trying to speak for all of us or not. but begging to be naked first is basically saying to every server that uve begged for to lower the standard for all of us. and btw, this is same for wotlk server. if we go wotlk, other than things like mount, we're basically naked.
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    Played here on and off for 6-7 years, met a lot of nice people, raided with some awesome guilds, reached the gold cap, then got my account banned and started all over again, lost to gsg when everyone tried to get the fixed kj server first kill, then cleared swp over 100 times, spent half of my /played afk in front of the aldor bank. So yeah, was a lot of fun, wish all of you the best. Special thanks to all old gsg/corruption/annihilation/forty six/emessence members, was a pleasure raiding with you guys.
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    Mr Aladeen = Mastf?JK.
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    Will point out that it is very r00d not to include me ):
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    Had lots of fun times on Excal over the years, I'm happy to have played here. Wishing everyone the best of luck in life! #besafe #morethreat #muchlove Alexa/Beef/Twam
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    Such a Shame. But this was the best server i've ever played in and I will always remember it. Thx to the gm's that made it all possible over the years.
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    Hey, since the server is being shutdown can we get the core released to the public? The scripting and quests are so well written it would be a shame for it to disappear into the ether. At the very least I could start up a local server and play with my kids XD.
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    So is my Scarab Lord BIS priest going to another realm or are we done? Cheers for the years (oi a rhyme) either way
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    blizzard probably picked up the devs here and are telling them to burn this super well-scripted private server to the ground illuminati lol
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    I count 2 offers to help keep the server going that have been ignored. Multiple GM comments about how transfers aren't false hope, only to have one say we better not get our hopes up. Real graceful handling of the situation, Excal staff. Dunno why I expected anything different. Especially from our lazy, absentee admin.
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    better "lazy leader Aladeen" - we wouldnt be in this situation in the first place if he shifted his ownership to someone more caring
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    I can assure you that transfer talks aren't just rumors. We are indeed in the middle of the negotiations atm, but can't give you details, nor can't promise you negotiations will be successful, please understand that. Our glorious leader Aladeen will inform you as soon as we have anything more than this.
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    It's not just foolish hope I can assure you.
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    "special thanks to Olana"
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    Theres more than enough interest in TBC, you admins were just lazy asses didnt put much effort into the server in the past few years f.e old website, there was told that the new one was ready like a year+ ago also, only means of marketing were through vote sites which almost nobody uses nowadays, it makes me sad to think how many thousands of emails you got out of this, but not once u didnt think of putting together an email to be sent to all of them and pls dont tell that it would have been qualified as a spam, i deal with emails and email marketing daily sad to see such a great server die because of laziness and/or lack of interest, perhaps you should have given the right permissions to a more concerning person who actually cared about the server RIP...
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    many things could have been fixed. You just weren’t here when we needed you most. You abandoned us. As we are just “subjects” to you. you have stopped carrying and yet were too selfish to transfer something you created to someone else and let it be enjoyed. Rather you would see it dead. okay then. Best of luck, almost no hard feelings. I was very emotionally invested in this server once and I have no regrets, it was what I wanted at the time.
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    I know I 'll be like:
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    Wow so I never posted on a forum but today I logged in, like I do once in a while, and server was empty. When I checked the forum and found this thread I felt genuine sadness. Most of people posting don't know me but I started playing on this server almost 10 years ago when I was still in high school. My most recognizable character is Ridjobradi, a dwarf hunter. I didn't have money, I wanted to play TBC and this server was everything I was looking for and much more. I've met friends here that made the experience so much better. Even though I'm no longer active on this server due to real life grind, I was always coming back once in a while for nostalgia and people. Anyway, I just want to thank you for everything, special thanks to admin, moderators, developers and GMs who made this whole thing possible, it was special. Cheers!
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    I will reference my previous statement: but in all seriousness I just want to thank all the GMs, Dev’s and support staff behind the scenes, past and present who kept the server going for this long, also all the players and friends I have made, there really is too many to list. I played here for 2 years and Excalibur delivered. I felt the nostalgia, I had great fun and even experienced things you would never get to experience on a official Blizz server. After putting in many played days it’s a bitter pill to swallow seeing the server finally come to a close but my memories will stay with me. I salute you all and wish you well in your next quest, where ever it takes you. Scarab Lord Stormzy
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    So any news on the transfers yet?
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    Hello there! Thanks for all the memories Excalibur WoW! This is where I spent most of my childhood and I'm forever grateful for every moment on this awesome server. Lots of friendships, drama and fun that will last forever with me. Special thanks to <The Silver Hand> and <Majestic Empire> for the best days ever, server first Kael'thas kill, <Hand of A'dal> and <Champion of the Naaru> titles come on top of my head. Valee (Phase), Damir (Fortran), Liam (Pee), Zypzo (Ashbringerr), Miha (Mahakambey), Nubek (Noobozaurus), Oscald, Kittypie, Samoonra, Assasine, Thelx (Izabela) and the almighty Khoof! Some of the cool names I remember from the old days. Stay awesome people! P.S. Not sure if anyone still remembers me. Clayface
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    Sad to hear about this. I haven't played in so long, haven't been GM in even longer, but I still treasure all the beautiful memories I've shared with both the players and the staff. Personal favorites include the Gurubashi tournaments, the weekly BWL raids, the Scourge invasion of Stormwind (2010?), the in-guild dramas (miss you, The Hammer of Light!) and, of course, the random roleplaying moments with friends. I hope all of my Excalibur friends are doing well and I wish you all a beautiful life ahead! Excalibur will never be forgotten! - Ashbringerr / Miamia - GM Zysh / Aman (not to be confused with Ashbringerx, but you might not know either of us)
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    so the thing was the truth the whole time and you did not make the effort to clouse the donations.. insted you decided to milk out the donations for few more weeks after you gave us 500 credits witch is less then half to buy an worthy item. anyway thanks for all thouse who played for the time spent and funn had. We are moving to Atlantiswow. horde side u will find me and many more who moved days ago. once again good bye to evryone and free well champions.
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