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    The only TBC server that would qualify for a transfer is probably Warmane (same content patch, cash shop (with glaives... ). And since they're actually making their money selling gear I'm not sure they'd be up for flooding their server with a bunch of BIS geared toons. Unless "transfer" means quest geared or naked level 70 characters and even then I don't know if other TBC projects would be happy with this because you could buy your levels here (and still can). Actual character transfers will realistically only happen to a WOTLK server imho.
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    Any chance of letting us know if and on which realm there are ongoing transfer discussions between staff members? Some people would like to know if this transfer talk won't be just another rumour.
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    Keep it online, I will take care of the donations. Or give me the chance to run it on my servers at least.
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