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    Excalibur team would like to wish you a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year! To make this season even more merry, we are giving out holiday presents! Go to https://account.excalibur.ws/ and click the gift to unwrap it. Presents will be available from Friday 21st of December 12:00 to 1st of January 12:00 server time. (All accounts that have at least one level 50 character are eligible for the presents) Have fun!
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    If they give credits, its fine. If they don't - oh well. I think this year we were bad community and we don't really deserve gifts, but this is entirely other topic.
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    i expect at least 1 credit, then my xmas spirit is fulfilled
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    GLAIVES FOR EVERYONE. YOU GET GLAIVES AND YOU GET GLAIVES! AND 30000000 credits. Stop dreaming there, lover boy. I am ready to get into my usual "Excaliburisawesomethanksforgiftswhydopeoplenotappreaciateit" mood. Thanks to Excalibur Staff once more. :))
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