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    https://discord.gg/XquU2K new Excalibur discord! Join to read more!
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    smolderforge is an instant 70 arena like server with t5 and s3 startergear. t6 and swp gear are on vendors in the mall for badges of justice. swp is closed and t6 is hardly scripted as far as i know its not the focus of the server. you dont need a transfer to smolderforge just roll there now if you want you'll be almost bis in a week its a funserver
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    hi, your local dictator here to address some concerns. We don't really have hotlines with other servers. Downloading your characters is actually the best thing we could offer, now other servers can freely use choose to import (parts of) our characters whilst also leaving the choice to do so with you, the player. Our players likely have a better understanding of where they want to migrate to then us, this way you can bring up the case and another server can potentially bring new players by offering to import our old ones. We advertise them in return. From my understanding Dalaran has committed to doing the transfers but need some more time to make script to import the data. Dalaran is also free to speak on our forum regarding the subject. There are still some other very promising plans ongoing besides Dalaran that I know of, but I won't make promises/announcements on their behalf. Both the staff and my trash self had moved onto other priorities in life, a collision of multiple events made our choice for us, our head staff could no longer commit the time, rather then start recruiting a new core team we chose to end it. Believe what you will but for me this is hobby and haven't seen a single penny for years, this always was about keeping it going with the staff and core dev team on board. up until the final decision (not just my say) it was business as usual, though I admit the timing is shit, my apologies, for some background information the costs have outweighed the income for some time now and it's not like our costs were that high. They are on it but need some time, I imagine they will make an official announcement one of these days themselves with a better indication of when it will be supported. Instead a big red warning label was added, linking to the announcement. before then cancellation wasn't final, later on there were also ongoing discussions of potential continuation we held back the initial post as it would have hurt the cause in which case maybe the shutdown wouldn't have been a shutdown, not like it helped with the leak and all.
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    It's just a proof that they don't care about their server. All they wanted was easy cash for glaives, this server is pure garbage in every aspect of the game and hence it has 100 players online on TBC realm. Why would you even want to go there?
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    You guys, the three of you, you make me sad.
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    You forgot to tell youre a 8 year old boy traped in a 30 year old body i mean thats kinda true for most guys.
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    Hello adults, I'm an 8-year old kid and I'm covid-19 positive; am I going to live to see my character transferred to the fancy wotlk realm or should I update my will as I'm going to leave this silly world before the transfer happens? Signed: Timmy, I'm 8 I think, if you need anything just sort it out with my secretary, erhm, I mean Mom. Danke, best regards, dwarfrogue, human priest
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    This link shouldn't expire: https://discord.gg/hJ2uwNn
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    https://discord.gg/4CCHTG not sure how long it last
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    Wow, sad panda. I just tried unsuccessfully to log in for old times' sake. It's been a while, since my wife and I had a kiddo recently. Shoutout to all those who made my experience exactly what it was - a relaxing, fun experience time and time again. Thank you to Sorry not Sorry, with whom I found a home for several years. I can't tell you how much fun I had smashing face, fucking around, shitting on Olana, and talking as much trash as I could all the while knowing I just played a character thats main strategy was right click and rolling the dice. Dep and the PvP homies; you guys fuckin' killed it, and I enjoyed riding on your coat tails. Every BG was at the very least a fun/funny time. I'll always have love for my Warsong crew. To all those who killed, camped and emoted me, or got the same from me, I salute you and hope to see you guys somewhere on some server in the future. Goodnight for now, Lucy.
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    I did some little research on TBC Servers and which would be adequate for us, I was looking for a server with Shop, TBC, English and Low population (would mean they need us). I found two servers that fit what I am looking for: https://www.dkpminus.com/wow/private-servers/burning-crusade/elysium-stormrage/ Avg. Population 0-100 Style Blizzlike Language English Rates x1 Type PVP Shop https://www.dkpminus.com/wow/private-servers/burning-crusade/smolderforge/ Avg. Population 0-100 Style Blizzlike Language English Rates Instant 70 Type PVP Shop Gear
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    I am somewhat happy that the players who are not picky about the expansion will be able to save their progress and move on towards WOTLK, however I have played on Dalaran and won't be partaking if that's the only destination. The server itself is decent for WOTLK content, but I believe many players will dislike the class changes in 3.3.5. Also, as a side note for players willing to transfer, if you're NA, be careful when downloading the WOTLK client. I have Cox internet and I received a notice of infringement strike against me for copyright. Nothing major, but I'd suggest downloading the client through a VPN. Once it's downloaded, delete it out of your torrent software so it doesn't try to seed further data. Running the client will not cause any issues.
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    Hello, this is gona be my first comment after Exca shutdown- just wanna give my view of this current situation. to me it looks like staff did 20% of work- like gave you an opportunity to download character , and what now? You litteraly just gave us chance to download useless scripts that no one will want to accept, players wanted to get a chance to save their toons and all you did is let them DL toons?! And what now? I should go beg other servers to accept them? I had a great time on this server and we all knew this is coming to an end but i never tought after so many years of expirience you will let your community like this. as some of the fellow players said it leaves a really bitter taste the say you handled all this. From start ( leaking in Info about shutdown Two weeks before official announcment) till the end ( we are working towards transfers - YEAH RIGHT)
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    Thanks for asking, Reiz. I believe that was our only shot of a TBC server that would accept us under very few stipulations.
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    Tell a sad story in only 1 sentence. Exwow player: Last seen online 5 years ago.
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    Thank you Excalibur and Excalibur community for all the fun I had here.
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    i wish your well being and best of luck in life you was my favorite gm<3
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    Thanks for everything, this was my first private server experience since I quit retain back in 2008. Came for the pvp and really enjoyed my time. This was really the only PC game that I ever got into, nothing ever really compared imo. Ill try to soak in the next month since it may be my last chance to soak up TBC experience xD.
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    I have been coming on and off for several years now and during the process I made some great friends and enemies too to fight in bg's. I would just like to thank ExCal for being there for us for as long as it did, not going to get into who got banned over what but focus instead on the good parts. Here's to my Ally gang from old SnS... Tatiana, Deplorable, Degrasse and also some who I knew before that my loud mouthed YOLO priest Kinky, huntard bro Azulax who never got a single armor piece for pvp but kept playing it anyway, Grumpy who I loved to Wyvern Sting when he was Horde and urge him to play druid once he transferred, always fun to ramble with Doooorius even while we are killing each other in WSG and many more I cannot recall at the top of my head cause it has been really great experience despite the drama, arguings and reportings I played on other servers but never before have I made so many good people I could enjoy wasting time just for one more bg that ended up lasting a whole night. Including the Horde OG's like Asasinu, Eastern and several others who just wanted to play the game and have fun for whole days and nights when server was at its peak and also when it wasn't you did not see a WSG empty, compared to many times larger servers that says enough about commitment of people to fully enjoy PvP and PvE aspects of gameplay that server had to offer without excessive griefing as we now witness being norm for modern vanilla. Ladies and gentlemen it was a privilege and great fun as they say here, remember the good and forget the bad, RIP ExCal but I for one hope we get to send it off with a bang. Loves all and have a wonderful 2020 and new decade - Mandalorian or as Kinky called me Mandy for reasons I do not want to dwell about, kek
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    Adios my friends. Its been a good ride. Olana I still f*cking hate you.
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    You should have hired Morgal as a GM. He was full of great ideas that were actually implemented. Without passion, one leads to stagnation. But this is an excellent point. As Spacey said... p.s. Banning legacy players for linking that screenshot in world is REAL LOW. ie. Saintality
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    many things could have been fixed. You just weren’t here when we needed you most. You abandoned us. As we are just “subjects” to you. you have stopped carrying and yet were too selfish to transfer something you created to someone else and let it be enjoyed. Rather you would see it dead. okay then. Best of luck, almost no hard feelings. I was very emotionally invested in this server once and I have no regrets, it was what I wanted at the time.
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    What do u think about smolderforge server? it's an istant 70 pvp server, full s3 at start, with a quiet good online and active bg/arenas for pvp server. It might be a good option for those of us who have already full geared characters and dont want join wotlk servers ... https://www.smolderforge.com/site/
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    I asked Warmane and they said they do not do character transfers from other servers
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    I must say - thanks for all people who interested in PvP on that server. That were great battles. I hope we will met on another server (if possible to transfer). Your Djberliner.
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    Can't even get a server shutdown right. Leaving the servers on overnight to fizzle out... Such class and care.
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    It's time to reveal Critman's identity. I bet on Brolana, attention seeker.
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