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    Earlier today we completed the GM Q+A which lasted ~1.5 hours. This session, I believe, was super helpful for both players and the GM team. The entire GM stream can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/459191720 (I believe it should be active for a minimum of 2 weeks). We touched on a large number of topics and gave our opinions on how to go forward as well. I did my best to summarize some touch points below and the GM team will continue to discuss these all. I also strongly suggest everyone to continue to give ideas or spins on ideas already suggested. Ideas: Reddit commenting event: This is a great idea and needs more consideration. We are not yet sure what a reddit event would look like. However, Reddit is a huge way for new players to find the server and currently, Excalibur is not a hot topic there. We are looking to change that! Players commenting or posting about Excal positively on Reddit is huge and gives lots of exposure. Patreon or some sort of pot for donations specifically for advertisement: This is something we will definitely consider and was a really great suggestion if it would be something everyone is interested in. As it currently stands, Excal does not have the funds to pay for advertisement. Meme event: A great idea! Memes created by the community for Excalibur would be a great way to get the word around! We will work on an event for this soon. PvP Event: We heard a lot that PvP has been suffering recently. We are not quite sure what a PvP event could look like yet, but we will discuss this. Suggestions here would be great. New vote rewards: This is something that would be implemented with the new website. Recruit-a-friend: This has a lot of holes in it and is very prone to abuse. We have not come up with a way that this would work without a slew of abuse quite yet. Two popular suggestions were to provide a small reward that would not be worth the effort of creating another account (such as 500 credits), as well as having a minimum level to receive the reward. Would love suggestions here as well. Other: The GMs and Developers love Excalibur! We are genuinely trying our hardest to make this server the very best it can be. The website is done. It is ready, it just needs to be implemented and unfortunately, the implementation is not up to the GMs. It requires the admins personal time and effort to do. Currently, it is in a state of soon^tm. The server is not making enough money to sustain itself. Excalibur is here simply because we love it so much. A second realm/server has been considered, is something we want, but is currently not in the direct scope of things. Right now we are focusing on what we have. We are not currently considering a hard reset. We believe players have invested a lot of time and effort into their characters for the past ~13 years of Excalibur and this is not something we wish to throw away. GM recruitment is open! Link to apply here: https://forum.excalibur.ws/forum/8-recruitment/ Some people wanted a discord specifically for GM interaction, such as asking questions like the ones we answered on stream. Is this something of interest? Other, Other: No, Mother Shahraz cannot be disarmed. A 40-man raid on Area 51 is something we are considering. GM Manaruby is great at Karaoke. Overall, the stream was very successful and we would love to do another one in the future soon. Keep sharing your thoughts!
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    Greetings Players, According to a suggestion, we will be hosting a GM Q+A stream on Sunday, July 28th at 7pm server time. The stream will be hosted on our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/excaliwow. The Q+A itself will take place via Twitch chat and GMs will answer questions via a streamed Discord voice chat. Some things we will try to tackle are: upcoming GM events, our hopes going forward, our website, recent implementations such as guild cross faction and PvP rewards, and suggestions on the suggestions forum topic. We will also take plenty of open questions via Twitch Chat and try to answer everything as best as we can. We hope that this open discussion forum will alleviate a lot of unanswered questions and concerns. See you all next Sunday! ~The ExWoW Staff
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    Hey guys, double rates will be active from Friday 16th 00:01 to Monday 19th 05:00 ST. Following rates for all factions will be increased: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering and gold. Enjoy!
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    Was really fun hanging out with you guys!
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    Greetings Players, We are back with yet another Twitch GM Q+A! After the success of the first Q+A, we are hosting another session due to popular demand. This second session will be on Sunday, September 1st at 7pm server time. The stream will be hosted on our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/excaliwow. The Q+A itself will take place via Twitch chat and GMs will answer questions via a streamed Discord voice chat. The content of the Q+A this time will be entirely up to the viewers. We will try our best to answer all the questions shot our way. We hope that this second discussion will continue to bring answers to you guys! See you all in two weeks! ~The ExWoW Staff
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    Just so you know Nerokk will be writing up a synopsis of what was discussed and posting it later on.
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    Guys idk if someone mentioned it allready, but the excal landing page might scare people of. To be precise, the latest blogpost entry which date back to 2014 and fucking Murray. Murray needs to go. In all seriousness, those things might act as a deterrent to new players, they check the landing page and might think its abandoned or at the very least, little cared for. Take care of Murray, he was here long enough.
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    also give gold to newbies who ask you, either for gear or leveling up skills couple days ago an orc warrior asked me for 50 gold, gave him 500 instead, he was so happy it made me feel smile and i ll keep giving if someone asks me when im logged also the stream was great
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    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/459191720 If you want to watch the stream replay
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    May I make a request to extend the xp4 time until say 5am Monday morning... Being a NA player I'm sitting here on what would be a thriving Sunday night with lots of content being ran, but instead population is pretty low. Can us NA players get some love every once in a while? You guys start xp4 while us NA players are at work and basically only get 1 and 1/2 days to really even enjoy xp4. Thanks for your consideration.
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    Be nice if new people can see forums and know we are alive and kicking
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    That brings up a good question. I know new website is done and we're all waiting for @MrAladeen to implement it but do GMs have access or the ability to change anything on the current frontpage? Such as Murry and the Blog entries?
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    This is how I still imagine the Head GM-s Just kidding of course.
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    You mean you thought Varikina was female and Nerokk male?
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    General Fixed various issues that were caused by previous update World Envionment Improved the AI of various creatures across the world Gaeriyan is no longer visible to players that are alive Gorzeeki Wildeyes now sells 3 Shadowy Potions per stack Warlock Players can no longer order their Imp pets to cast the Fire Shield spell on someone they are not in party with Quests "Find the Gems" is now working "The Great Masquerade" - fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the quest to be incompletable Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep Improved Thrall rescue event to be more blizzlike Molten Core Magmadar's Lava Bomb spell behaviour has been improved Serpentshrine Cavern The Lurker Below can be summoned once again To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder. As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.
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    fakin hell if we only had like 2k more ppl playing here in this server QQ owners of this server, do something!!!
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