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    Love is in the air and it affects our item store prices! ExcaliburWoW now has sales, 20% off on all items in the item store, enjoy! The sales will start at Wednesday 13th of February 22:00 and will last until Friday the 15th of February, 23:59 server time.
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    People complaining about not being able to raid on a FREE server, go fuck yourself. They're doing the best they can with the situation.
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    Please repeat this, this year😉
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    ill show u magic dust in my bed if u wantttttttttttt but need turn off light you will get ambush in ur asssssssss jk jk j kj kj :D:
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    We are starting a new vote event. If the spots are reached before the 21st of February the rates will be upped for 3 days! - reach a place in the top 5 on Gtop100 list - reach a place in the top 5 on TopG list - reach a place in the top 15 on Xtremetop100 list - reach a place in the top 15 on Top100arena list We will double the following rates for all factions: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering, and gold. Be sure to login to our account tools at: http://account.excalibur.ws/ and click on the voting tab. To enable double xp, just type .xprate 4
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    Looking for a special gift for that special someone, or just for your own character? Search no more! ExcaliburWoW now has sales, 20% off on all items in the itemstore, enjoy! The sales will start at Tuesday 13th of February 22:00 and will last until Thursday the 15th of February, 23:59 server time.
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    @Varikina Please adjust the message, seems to be the dates from last year EDIT: Nvm was the post from last year, I should stop drinking
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    Hi folks, As part of maintenance of one of our upstream providers we will have a brief down time around 17:00 CET. The expected down time should be around 15~30 minutes.
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    There is nothing to worry about on that score.
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    Lol my bad dude, I honestly read that so wrong. I apologize for my toxicity and will retract my previous statement.
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    Mine is stuck on Authenticating then it disconnects me now. Originally it was just Connecting then Unable to Connect.
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    thanks a lot excalibur we were supposed to be raiding today but thanks to your decision to not host server yourself and choosing to host thorugh some 3rd party bullshit we wont be raiding today, thank you
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    i cant believe i am actually meeting most of these guys in wow
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    Since we did not reach all the spots, rates will be upped for two days, from 19th 00:01 to 20th 23:59 ST. Have fun!
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    Hmm. If every boss dropped 1 BoJ we could get 5 BoJ(skipping bugged boss, Ayamiss the Hunter). That worked well previously.
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    General Fixed several exploits and stability issues Improved map handling and termination in case of unexpected failures Fixed an issue in which the player could die after being teleported several times in a very short period There will now be a combat log message if the target is immune to a spell due to diminishing returns It should no longer be possible to interrupt instant spell casts in certain situations The ordering of items inside mails is now persistent Dodging or parrying an attack will no longer generate rage for warriors and druids while in (dire) bear form The melee attack timer will now reset after the spell cast started, instead of after finishing World Environment Improved the AI of 580 creatures across the world Improved the mechanic immunities of around 30 TBC creatures The attack speed of around 800 creatures has been corrected The creatures spawns at Firewing Point area in Terokkar Forest have been corrected to blizzlike PvP The Alterac Valley Mark of Honor vendor has been removed, completing an AV battleground will now reward double the amount of marks Players will no longer be able to see their opponents of an arena match-up before the game starts Mage Polymorph's health regeneration rate has been corrected Warrior Berserker Rage's rage generation bonus increased Pets Whenever the pet attacks an enemy, the pet's owner will be put in combat as well Items Fixed an issue which caused the loot from item containers to disappear in certain circumstances Quests "Ogre Head On A Stick = Party" script improved "Find the Gems and Power Source" script improved "The Dread Relic" script improved "A Necessary Distraction" script implemented Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth The Cabal Zealot's Shape of the Beast spell now works as intended Blackrock Depths Ambassador Flamelash's Burning Spirits will now work as intended Razorfen Kraul The Agathelos the Raging's Left for Dead spell now works as intended Tempest Keep: The Mechanar Bloodwarder Centurions and Bloodwarder Slayers have had their AI improved Mechanar Tinkerers have had their AI improved Nethermancer Sepethrea will now evade when dragged out of combat area Pathaleon the Calculator's encounter has been improved Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz Death Watcher's Death Count spell now works as intended To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder. As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.
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    excal should buy their own servers not using some shady host zzzz im so fking mad i beat up my fuqqing boxing bag tonight
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    You must be the guy who bought all that Magic Dust & Free Action Potions off the AH... EDIT: Oh, nevermind, you're just drunk
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    4.5l Vodka madee me horny holy shit :D: who wannana ride hardcore bereeseker ? !
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    I sent my family away for hours. I lit candles. I brewed fresh coffee. I made hot pockets. All to I could be alone with my WoW. Just WoW and me. So private. So special. So intimate. AND NOW ITS ALL RUINED ! This is what depression feels like...... :((((((((((((((
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    The server is currently offline for host maintenance. Shouldn't be too long now. Keep in mind it did not actually go offline until almost 17:25. Regards~
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    Will x4 still be granted on 3/4 of the list completed?
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    Rare footage of young Larry and all sorts of other shenanigans. PvP
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    The results are in! 1st place: Knaittiis - "Evolution of Larry" 2nd place: Unschuld - "Vidcon 2018 - Ticket Time" 3rd place: Baeumchen - "Excalibur WoW Video Contest" Please submit a support ticket to claim your rewards!
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    When is GM voting done? Need those valentines day deals
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    kinda funny to see critman doin it even on here lol
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    I am also stuck authenticating, and subsequently disconnecting. Also, we have every right to complain. We were all quoted a 15-30min downtime expectation. It is not up to the consumers to determine that time window. I'm not throwing a fit, but some people obviously planned around being able to play after the downtime. They are understandably upset. Free or not is irrelevant. You cannot get time back.
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    aaaahaaaaaaaaaa comon dont rude life is gooooood :D:
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    magic dust vendor was removed from silvermoon. and free action potions require ZG rep which badges were removed from (except last boss)
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    yeah man, its easier to be ignorant
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    gangsta rap made 'em do it...
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    the world of warcraft is in judgement day i gues WTF to do
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    It's officially been an hour since it went down, and it's still offline. You guys should really be more careful with you ETAs.
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    55 minutes after 17:25, the server is still down. Who laughs now?
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    if u bought credits and items with credits at the maintenance the process to get them can fail?
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    Greetings Players! The annual Excalibur video contest is back! Rules: - The video must be between 1-10 minutes long. - The video must mention Excalibur in some way (credits is fine). - The video must be primarily filmed on Excalibur, however, adding other imagery is fine. The deadline for all videos is January 5th at 23:59 server time. The video contest will be decided via vote. Players and GMs alike will both be able to vote for their favorite video. Player votes will count for 60% and GM votes will count for 40%. Videos will primarily be judged on their uniqueness, humor, cool factor, and storytelling ability. Rewards: 1st place - Big Battle Bear and 3k credits 2nd place - White Tiger Cub and 1.5k credits 3rd place - Orange Murloc Egg and 500 credits All participants will receive 500 gold. Good luck to all participants!
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    Only had around 3 hours for this, since i am about to head to work. Editing could be smoother in a lot of places. Been watching a lot of choosingbeggars/antimlm videos recently on youtube, so this is kinda inspired by that. Hope you like it!
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    Final boss in each raid (except Ahn'Qiraj 20) will now award 5 Badges of Justice. The following raids are included: Naxxramas, Onyxia, Ahn'Qiraj 40, Blackwing Lair, Molten Core and Zul'gurub. Have fun!
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    Why you decided to not award BoJ from AQ20? 2 years ago we ran alot of AQ20 and it was fine(except flying boss Ayamiss the Hunter).
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    Greetings Players, We have launched a new Battleground Activity feature! Now, players will be rewarded for the first battleground they complete each day. The rewards scale over time as you complete battlegrounds daily. Milestones: Daily reward - 500 honor and 10 gold for the first game of the day. 10 daily games completed = 10 Badge of Justice 20 daily games completed = Baby Shark 50 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 100 daily games completed = Green Dragon Orb and 20 Large Blue Rocket Cluster 150 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 200 daily games completed = Competitor's Souvenir and 20 Large Green Rocket Cluster 250 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 300 daily games completed = Gold Medallion and 20 Large Red Rocket Cluster 350 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 400 daily games completed = Romantic Picnic Basket , 20 Lucky Rocket Cluster , and Big Battle Bear 450 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 500 daily games completed = Merciless Nether Drake , Contest Winner's Tabard , and 1,500 credits You can check your progress with a command .bgcheck ~The ExcaliburWoW Staff
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    Sharing with all of you a beautiful video about our server's long journey and the Burning Crusade. Let yourself be reminded why we all came to Excalibur. Watching it brought a tear to my eye, thinking about my best times on this server. Likes and shares are much appreciated. Let's remind everyone why The Burning Crusade is the best expansion and Excalibur is the place that has been and will keep on offering this unforgettable experience.
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