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  3. It Has Begun

    The next quest has been posted! Check the Events section to find out more information on what you need to do! This is the start of quests that count towards the title! Good luck everybody.
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  5. Vote event May

    Excellent, I understood now and thanks for the perfect explanation again!!
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  7. Server Update - Revision 125

    General Players should now always receive battleground and arena invitev even while on the loading screen The length of channel names and passwords is now limited server-side to match the client-side restriction Hunter The Beast Within aura should be removed from the hunter once again when its pet is killed Priest Shadowfiend should now properly restore priest's mana even if it is not in the priest's line of sight Shaman Chain Heal should now correctly prioritize targets based on their health deficit Pet Feeding and killing a hunter's pet should now properly update its happiness-based damage modifiers World Environment The interaction menus of various creatures have been corrected or improved The vendor lists of several vendors have been corrected or improved Fixed the position of some herb and mining nodes The AI of 180+ creatures has been corrected Corrected the melee damage school and school immunities for over 20 creatures Alterac Valley The NPCs in this battleground will now properly scale in the 61-70 levels bracket of this battleground Many NPC that were not flagged for PvP previously are now flagged as intended Arena The Shadow Sight buff should be usable once again Quests Corrected the log texts for over 30 quests The reputation rewards of many quests have been corrected "Report to Gryan Stoutmantle" can be started from more NPCs now "Breaking the Code" - drop chance corrected for the required items "Control" - scripts improved Alterac Valley trinket quests fixed "The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge" - Mogor should no longer fail to resurrect under certain circumstances "Ally of the Netherwing" - this quest's reputation reward is no longer affected by various reputation gain modifiers (such as human's racial skill) Black Temple Shadow Demon should no longer interrupt its Paralyze channeling when stunned Maraudon Theradrim Guardian's AI improved Theradrim Shardlings spawns corrected Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep Addressed the issue that caused Thrall to attack party members under certain circumstances Caverns of Time: Opening the Dark Portal Infinite Dragons should corrupt Medivh's shield once again Zul'Aman Addressed the issue that caused Nalorakk to bug out during gauntlet under certain circumstances To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder. As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.
  8. Vote event May

    All other aspects are automatically adjusted and are not affected by your xp rate settings. They will affect all players and as a server wide setting, are unalterable by the individual.
  9. Vote event May

    What is the setup for the reputation, if I may ask?
  10. Vote event May

    Very helpful and comprehensive explanation, thanks!
  11. Vote event May

    That is correct. Server default value (for new accounts/characters) is XP 2 (double Blizzlike rates). During bonus periods you need to change it to XP 4 with the command: .xp 4 You only need to type it once and it will remain at XP 4 as long as the bonus rates remain active. Droprates etc remain server wide, so even without typing .xp 4 you still benefit from everything else, it is only the XP that doesn't benefit. Once the period of double rates is finished, it automatically defaults back to XP 2. Setting XP to either 0 (no XP gain) or 1 (normal Blizzlike rates) with .xp 0 and .xp 1 respectively will set those rates, and those rates will remain at that setting until you choose to change it again. Regards~
  12. Vote event May

    Just a question - if a player did not type .xp 4 during the "doubled period", does that mean, he is NOT gaining experience doubled?
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  14. Vote event May

    2times per day=2 vote ! =>1 vote ,(minimum) 3mins you need x2 =6mins per day you need time for do 2vote ! =>6*7(days)=42mins =>6*30(days)=180mins =>6*365(days)=2190mins Guinness is waiting for you ....Go Go Go
  15. Vote event May

    that was fucked up economy, myself have cca 15 accs, if i commited could get 750 gold daily, 5k weekly and 23.6k monthly and 283k yearly wouldnt have to farm anymore at all pretty much, cause weekly voting gold would pay for my consums
  16. Vote event May

    There was a time when the gift coins was able to be changed for gold
  17. Vote event May

    Although we didn't reach set goals, we decided to enable double rates this month regardless. We will be looking into improving vote events and events regarding double rates in the coming days. Double rates will be active from 17th of May 00:01 st until 19th of May 23:59 st. Have fun!
  18. Vote event May

    You can only vote once per IP.
  19. Vote event May

    Hallo, 1, Can u change link on website to SSL (https://account.excalibur.ws/), and use it in your commnets? 2. I tried to vote on gtop100.co m from two different acoounts, - on secont account I have warning: You have already voted Thank You A.
  20. Also if you're looking for a great social guilds that's growing massively and quickly so check us out, We're building core groups, Plural as in more than one! We're Alliance but we also have a sister guild with g2g so you can speak to Alli and vise versa  Come grow with us and have fun!

  21. Hey peoples, I'll be hosting all kinds of events with different /great prizes so be sure to follow me to keep up with new events. 

  22. It Has Begun

    For a long time, the players of Excalibur have requested the title of Scarab Lord, and for the ability to gain the title through multiple routes. We have listened and we have been working on the means. So some of you might have noticed our bug problem in the Capital Cities, well, this is just the beginning of what is going to happen. It has begun and the Shadow of Ahn'Qiraj is on the move. Check the Events Section of the forum for what to expect each month as the Event continues to progress and develop. Many will take up this challenge, but few will see the end. Answer the call Champions of Azeroth, you are needed once again.
  23. Vote event May

    The toplists have reset and we are starting a new vote event. If the spots on all sites are reached before the 15th of May the rates will be upped for 3 days! Last month we missed places on 3 sites, but I'm sure we can make it this time! - reach a place in the top 5 on Gtop100 list - reach a place in the top 10 on TopG list - reach a place in the top 15 on Xtremetop100 list - reach a place in the top 15 on Top100arena list We will double the following rates for all factions: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering and gold. Be sure to login to our account tools at: http://account.excalibur.ws/ and click on the voting tab.
  24. Server Update - Revision 124

    General Players that fall under textures will now be automatically resurrected at the nearest graveyard Some previously unused movement opcodes are now handled on server side, this is an experimental feature that is currently being tested for some time already and we're still closely monitoring it Improved pathfinding and collision systems Various improvements to server performance and stability World Environment Death's Door area in Blade's Edge Mountains has been repopulated to be more blizzlike Improved the AI of over 40 creatures Ethereum Transponder Zeta script has been implemented Lil Timmy's Cat Carrier (White Kitten) is now a limited supply item Critters will no longer instantly die when attacked, but instead will attempt to run away Items Darkmoon Card: Madness - fixed some missing procs for some classes Narain's Scrying Goggles has a chance to drop from some Molten Core non-boss creatures now Badge of the Swarmguard PPM rate has been increased Quests "Creating the Pendant" script has been improved "You're Fired!" script has been improved "The Second Trial" script has been improved Hunter The Beast Within will no longer renew on the hunter whenever a pet is summoned (in the special case where the pet had Bestial Wrath aura active when it was unsummoned) Rogue Riposte can be used against enemies that wield no weapon in main hand once again Pets Pets will no longer stop whenever a spellcast command is issued, but only on a successful spellcast Maraudon Larva Spewer behavior has been corrected Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls The melee damage of Darkweaver Syth's elementals corrected Blackwing Lair Various creature and gameobject spawns have been corrected to be more blizzlike Suppression Devices behavior has been corrected Sunwell Plateau Fixed an error in the Kalecgos encounter reset logic Stratholme The respawn time of various gameobjects has been normalized Magisters' Terrace Hunters can now use autoshot during the Gravity Lapse phase of Kael'thas Sunstrider encounter Zul'Aman Zul'jin gauntlet has been implemented Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Fixed an error in the Vek Twins death logic To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder. As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.
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  26. Easter holidays

    missed the sales Eastern is on 28 April in eastern Europe lol
  27. Easter holidays

    Let's pray for the victims of Sri Lanka
  28. Easter holidays

  29. Easter holidays

    Thats a bit often, we just had some on xmas!
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