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  3. Double rates

    No, neither Thori'dal or Warglaives of Azzinoth are affected.
  4. Double rates

    This is technically not possible right now, requires either a core implementation or database changing up and down when rates start and end which is not a good solution.
  5. Double rates

    Understood thanks for the info, 1 last question though. Do these rates effect boss drops, specifically warglaives since unlike thoridal which shares a group that does add up to 100% glaives are in their own separate loot group which does not add up to 100%. I think I've seen people claim a staff member said it did not change these rates but just wanted confirmation one way or another
  6. Double rates

    Nope, nothing changes in this case, items cannot be pushed out of loot group. So basically drop chances remain the same.
  7. Double rates

    I thought I recalled being able to extract more than 5 motes per windy cloud a few years back.
  8. Double rates

    We have never doubled herbs motes etc drops, only chances. Badges of Justice were exclusive in this.
  9. Double rates

    I've wondered how does doubled drop rates/chance change loot table groups that already add up to 100%? I can understand double chance to help while farming items that do not always drop or the group in the loot table is not 100% but does it chance anything for loot table groups which do? So example lets say I'm skinning something with the following drops They both share the same loot group adding up to 100%, how or does double rates change anything in a scenario such as this? Does doubling rates push the scraps off the loot table all together or is there no change. I'm asking out of curiosity and it doesn't have to pertain only to leather but any loot group which already has a 100% chance to drop something.
  10. Double rates

    BoJ is not included, drop rates for all items are doubled like in recent events. Regards~
  11. Double rates

    Is this to say that drop amounts will be doubled like it was years ago (double bojs, herbs, motes, etc...) or does this mean drop chances will be doubled like recent events?
  12. Double rates

    Hey guys, double rates will be active from Friday 19th 00:01 to Sunday 21st 23:59 ST. Following rates for all factions will be increased: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering and gold. Enjoy!
  13. Cross-faction Guilds

    This 100% This argument only works for people with your same viewpoint which is not a majority. If that were the case then all the non blizzlike elements that they did 10+ years ago to attract players wouldnt have worked such as purchasble legendaries/sunwell items, bojs from vanilla content, crossfaction grouping, messaging, auction house, but it did work to attract a playerbase. The whole blizzlike or nothing endall be all mentality has done more harm to the server than good over the past few years.
  14. Cross-faction Guilds

    well they are not interested in bringing in new ppl thats why i said it, look all of the suggestions which are suggested towards bringing in the new ppl and how many of those great suggestions are actually implemented? pretty much zero i would say. if they are not interested in getting the new ppl then they should atleast try to hold onto the last of us still remaining here. pretty much only the veterans still play bg´s and lately they have been starting to quit as well because who would want to wait so much time on a queue..
  15. Cross-faction Guilds

    The way to keep it alive is not to keep the player base we have, its to bring new people in and what kind of image of the server to potential new players does it give when they see Xfaction bg-s?
  16. Cross-faction Guilds

    to be honest id pretty much see the server alive rather than holding onto the thought of horde vs alliance grudge, at this point it should be clear to all of you big shots that the server is at the all time low and the nr 1 thing atm is to keep it alive smh
  17. Cross-faction Guilds

    I do believe its important to keep it alive. There are many old and new rivalries that are keeping the essence of the game alive, would be a shame to kill them. But on the other hand it would be amazing to find a way to speed up the BG queue time, not an easy thing to do of course. In a way tho if someone wants to play a BG, 8/10 people will wait 10+ minutes anyway imo.
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  19. Cross-faction Guilds

    Just to clarify, cross faction arena/battlegrounds is not as easy of an implementation as cross faction guilds. Additionally, we do still want to keep the faction war alive in some way.
  20. Cross-faction Guilds

    Tell me more in DM plx.
  21. Cross-faction Guilds

    You do realises Olana is not a girl anymore? Dude got exposed?
  22. Cross-faction Guilds

    Patife19, I agree, you are right to some degree. I did just make lazy estimates based off my own experiences. Ok. 20 hours of BG play actually does feel pretty accurate to me, to get all the epics(ok, minus the top rank trinket). And as for arena, I think the flush comes every 5 days, right? And 300 points is more realistic, I suck at pvp and i still go up against other sucky players who just want the 10 games, so I go like 2 wins, 8 losses usually. So das 1200 after 20 days. Enough for gloves. And then about 25-30 days to get the pants(dont say 1550 rating is hard to get). 3 weeks for 1x bis pvp item. Another 4 weeks for the 2nd bis item. And considering how easy it is, and how it only takes 30m-1h per flush to achieve, seems like a reasonable hurdle to put between a newcomer and their dream of being very reasonably geared in BG's. Edit: Fuckit, ok, I'm sorry. 30 hours of BG gameplay for all the s2.
  23. Cross-faction Guilds

    20hours to get s2 and 3 weeks to have 2x s4 armor? You are good at math Full s2/weps and accessories is like 175k+ honor and marks. If you are lucky to get 2k honor per hour...thats like ~90hours which is about right. Arena ~225 points for 10 losses (you are undergeared, can't expect to win). For example Gloves and Pants(requires 1550 rating) it's 3000 arena points, which will take you about 13 weeks if you are low rating.
  24. Cross-faction Guilds

    I honestly would probably start to PvP more if BG's were cross faction. I also don't know how they would make it possible but would be interesting.
  25. Cross-faction Guilds

    I always solved the long BG queues by logging to my Alliance mirror(mirror apart from racials) character. And also I think the 'im in blues and dont play pvp cause i get rekt by epic pplz' argument is weak... It isnt THAT hard to just grind out the s2 set in like 20 hours of gameplay, so you become on par with the majority of players in BG's. And if you want, you can also go get deestroyed in arenas for half an hoir a week. And in like 3 weeks you will have 2x S4 armour and will have a very nice gear quality for BG's.
  26. Cross-faction Guilds

    GM-s are not merging guilds that have a guild on each faction so yeah, if you want to merge you different faction guilds people should gquit 1 though this option is not mandatory for people to do.
  27. Cross-faction Guilds

    So do we need to do something to activate this? For sister guilds do the players of one faction need to gquit and get invited by the remaining guild?
  28. Cross-faction Guilds

    Myself I would love it being able to kill friends on the same faction as me. And the balance of the teams on bgs would make bging fun again not 1v2 then 15 mins later 2v2 but you already lost the match by then.
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