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    Just curious, any chance for a transfer where you get to keep your items? Just wondering if I should clear my 12 tabs of guild bank space into pretty many bank toons? What about tradeskills? Got a chanter with 100% recipes, would those transfer?
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  4. All good things

    Thank you for letting us play on your fantastic server, if you wouldn't mind selling me a copy, I would definitely make a new physical server to keep it going! anyways thank you for the opportunity to have so much fun and meet characters such as Andy and Lazy & all of my friends in corruption and reboot and insomniacs and Pilav and Kaikush Gary etc etc etc.... may we all meet again someday. -cptmorgan -fireball
  5. All good things

    Will it be possible with a free factionchange in case the transfer will be ti a server that doesn’t have crossfasction? I know its alot to ask...
  6. All good things

    First, tool to export/verify characters is written and ready. Second, we are not going to delete all databases the next day after server is closed, we will keep them for a while after.
  7. All good things

    Idk how many transfers were you guys tru and on any of them a server was live when the staff from the new server that you are transferring onto were processing it. They were logging your character zipping its info into a file than retransferring said character onto new realm. After it was transferred - in most cases it was only than deleted from previous server's database. In most cases it was done like that. Some transfers especially to a wotlk / cata realms were keeping the characters on the old server untouched. Though on the same patch as from 2.4.3 to 2.4.3 no matter the char's progression in every single case it was deletion after transfer was proceeded. No matter what the case though be it from tbc to wotlk + realm or any realm that the original character was at - the staff had to LOG your character to confirm that your'e its owner by simply put giving the staff your account info. After confirmation info was gathered as said above and thing was ongoing. There are ways around that like making the possibility for account's owner to zip the info into a file and send that account file to the future server's admin but its actually requiring an existing dev to make it happen. Do we have one? NO. Thats the major problem with this.
  8. All good things

    @gejzer again, in 1 week you wont be able to log, transfer is a different thing.
  9. All good things

    8 days left. This is high time to say we are going to either have transfers and onto which realm or that we won't have any transfers ongoing. 21st is a deadline as far as its coming from the opening post of this thread. Any information will be revealed soon enough like in two days or so or the rumours will stay rumours and won't come true? Keeping players like this until the deadline is about to be hit isn't going to make it anywhere good cause we won't have time to make the said transfers. Its not done in an instant this takes time for both the future server's admins and current ones to share the data. And also for players to move. Creating accounts moving onto server lvling enough so you can talk than speaking to the gm's when the transfer is beeing proceeded - it doesn't take like only 5 mins as far as the account creation is proceeded but some more. And with our huge playerbase that has 70 lvl characters that they are willing to have some sort of use with moving this many chars at once requires lots of patience if players are to make the transfer themselves. Unless youre planning to move everyone at lvl 70 with one go automatically. So how is it admins? Do we sink or do we swim and when?
  10. All good things

    Damn shame. Admittedly I didn't log onto the server yet this year, but i just got my custom gaming PC made and just felt an urge to play only to be greeted by this post. I have played only one other BC private server 'cant recall name' and nothing else as far as emulators for BC or other wow expansions. With that said I don't know if I'll ever find another emulator 'at least for BC' to fill the hole Excalibur is about to leave. I am curious about this character transfer that is mentioned. No idea the workings of it, but I'll keep tabs and even plan to attend the final days of the server as the final countdown for Excalibur begins. It's been so much fun being able to experience leveling my hunter 'Koraga' again and running heroics. I have to give my thanks for experiencing the completion of the Karazan and Gruul's Lair raid . Two things I never got to experience on retail. Even with my past experiences that's not to say i had more than a fair amount of cringey hunters moments still. Thank you Excalibur team for all the fun and experiences. It was comforting to know I could go back and replay the best WOW expansion, but of course all great things come to an end.
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    Let it be known! Exca still rocking at Adal!
  12. All good things

    Hm shit Unfortunate, considering how very important I was. Hopefully them characters are gonna get saved in some way cause the loss of Huntardation would be on the same level as losing a cultural heritage site. Looks like a shaman tank showed up in my absence. I'm sure he or she must not have been as obnoxious and conceited as I was 5 years ago. And now. Critman is one of the most impressive players I've encountered in a MMO. The few times I've checked on Excalibur over the last years, I was always impressed seeing him still doing...that. Seeing Mubashir in this thread n whatnot, everyone else I knew is probably dead or dying, or worse - married or employed. Since we're sharing memories, let me remind you of how important and cool I was 6 years ago. Don't worry, I've become even cooler and more important now, especially since I now know that ranged auto-attack counts as a cast and prevents avoidance... I chose Excalibur in part because it implemented a function to switch to 1x rates from the default 2x at the right time. I left in part because it felt like it was becoming overmoderated in both pvp (ganking limit) and world chat. I favor servers which let the ignore function and the in-game filter do the moderating, and thus found that my time here was up. Also unfortunate because there are more weird things that I'd like to try and be obnoxious about.
  13. All good things

    I am glad it's working out good for you. The only time my private life suffered was end of 2014 and begining of 2015 for about 4-5 months altogether. I have only been playing in 1 active guild at any given time, so raiding max 2-3 times per week with no need for farming. Such steady pace has almost no impact on real life when you go raid instead of watching 2 movies or 4 episodes of something in the evening. I understand that some of you had been much more into it. Everyone plays at his own pace within assorted capabilities.
  14. All good things

    Now they just need to close all the other games I am addicted to.
  15. All good things

    New phone who dis?
  16. All good things

    I took this oportunity in server closure to move along and go do something else whether its more family time more sports activity or just entertainment in more social way like meeting friends for a beer or go bowling. Could be good idea i thought id share with you as a mate and former guildie server closing could be blessing in disguise.
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  18. All good things

    @ UP - well i think Deathwing already has some plans in Cataclysm
  19. All good things

    21st incoming in 10 days. Any fresh news regarding what future holds for our beloved characters after the armageddon?
  20. All good things

    ..... .. Thanks everyone for all the fun. even though i haven't been playing lately, i'm really sad this is going away. i'm interested to know what ideas you guys have to transfer toons. this server was great, i appreciate everything everyone did to contribute to it. I was on middle of night server time cuz i'm in north america. I played a lot starting in 2014 thru 2015 on my level 70 Undead Priest Styra and.. again in 2017 to 2018 on alliance with Massive Dynamic on my mid level prot paladin, Jazmi. i played her slow at 1x experience cuz i liked the grind lol. i always logged on from time to time to see how things where going.
  21. All good things

    15 online! 2 people in BG queue! Let's go!
  22. All good things

    Yeah i get your point all im saying is that GMs are not in charge of the server they are just like twitch channel moderators they are just casual players that are active enough and keen on becoming a GM and doing the work of organizing events keeping the world chat administration helping ppl ingame with some problems and stuff like that. And yeah im sure id be upset if i donated a decent amount of cash too the thing is i could kinda feel that something like this was kinda coming idk how long you play here but many people felt that the server closure is on the corner.
  23. All good things

    Hey, since the server is being shutdown can we get the core released to the public? The scripting and quests are so well written it would be a shame for it to disappear into the ether. At the very least I could start up a local server and play with my kids XD.
  24. All good things

    @ Ziordrood idgaf anymore who is taking care of servers or forum or whatever, all I want is CLEAR information. They post this like All good things --> WILL --> COME TO AN END* but don't just write bullshit about continue playing, it will be >WORTH YOUR TIME< and afterwards not replying to most questions about this. Dont start with bullsht promises and then just keep it quiet. Also a >RAT< ass move by Excalibur to do a XMAS sale before shutdown. I myself put 60 euro in donations. because i had time to play wow for a while again. My friend put 80 euros in it. It is the biggest SCAM I experienced online. with Tickets being left unread for 10-20-30 days now. Yes you can say it was your own choice to donate. But WHY the FK would'' someone/ or a company'' do a SALE and then shut its server. Its just Pure MONEY STEALING intentions. And instead of staying quiet or not replying, JUST APOLOGISE EXCALIBUR SERVER!!!!!!!!! DONT BE DIRTY RATS STEALING MONEY. Peace.
  25. All good things

    The joke is that subscription to official servers costs 14.99$ :D. I am not saying you're wrong. Contrary, I do agree with you, but I just found something funny in that.
  26. All good things

    Hey guys, i played in Excalibur for many years, it sucks that the server is closing down, really thanks to everyone i played with. Just a question, will you guys make it possible to transfer to Atlantiss server? Thanks!
  27. All good things

    Yeah, if you say we need to gather x amount of money to keep the server up and you make it for all to see where we are at and perhaps close the shop everything would be good. You have EASILY 50+ people on the server that would not mind paying 10euro/month to keep the server.
  28. All good things

    Mad or not the time is nigh. What lurkers actually care is to inspect the forums like last week prio to the shutdown to see if its official memo of the transfers ongoing like anywhere cause people do want to have a backup plan while finding a goot tbc realm. Me myself will definitely pick up a tbc realm thats gonna be a pve one so pvp scumbags can go f*)(*) themselves;p I hate pvp for a long time. Be it waiting for a server like that to be having maybe 200-300 online tops i dont care as long as it is scripted properly and i can find a good guild on that server ill gladly join that ;p But i think that blizz will sooner relaunch a BC on retail servers than i will see a private server with said online;p
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