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  2. All good things

    video how to upload Exc toon on Entropius https://discord.gg/DtDSe4R Entropius Discord
  3. All good things

    Was fun till it lasted. Thank for lot of fun and see ya all
  4. Transfers and more

    isnt smolderforge a pvp only server?
  5. Transfers and more

    I saw few people with Thoridal, so I guess it is ok.
  6. Transfers and more

    I've tried logging into both of my accounts with the Character Export Tool to transfer my characters, but it gives me "Incorrect username and/or password". Am I doing something wrong? Figured it out, was my bad. Thank you Excalibur!
  7. Transfers and more

    since smolderforge doesnt allow transfers of warglaives, does it allow thoridals to be transfered?
  8. Transfers and more

    Depends on the time you log in. Hopefully we will see alot of Excal players who love raiding. Trying to set that up.
  9. Transfers and more

    how many players usually are there?
  10. Transfers and more

    Looks fine to me.
  11. Transfers and more

    SM is a piece of shit, who is gonna play there?
  12. Transfers and more

    Hi all Just to let you know, I managed to transfer my level 70s to Smolderforge TBC with all their respective gear. I'm really greatful that ExWoW staff didnt abandon us despite server going down. All the farming, rading, dying, ressing etc wasn't for nothing. Ty all and I hope I will see as much ExWoW population as possible. Cheers! Mikro/ Mikraa/ Gawdlim/ Piinkylol/ Aralle
  13. Transfers and more

    This new project is not trying to recover any “damage done to Exc reputation” its a new project that will eventually allow people who wants to play their Exc toons to do so eventually. its trying to recover Exc reputation as much as Dalaran or Smolderforge who are supposedly going to allow transfer.
  14. Transfers and more

    Too little too late. The damage is done. The brand is unrecoverable after what his majesty did. And rightfully so. Leave it dead and move on with your lives. I'm becoming a monk IRL. God speed
  15. Transfers and more

    Later there will be an archive realm and eventually we will get to play Exc toons there.
  16. Transfers and more

    The new server will be a fresh one.
  17. Transfers and more

    OMG @carebot : u mean there is a chance that excal wiil come back (thogh with another name) with all our chars intact ? omg omg omg
  18. Transfers and more

    @Cremario https://discord.gg/2YwYEwY ptr and web page could be any day if not hour, they are waiting on a “machine” to be delivered to put things in motion
  19. Transfers and more

    @Carebot any news regarding the new owners of the server and their respective plans? im kinda desperate to find information, because im bored in quarantine.
  20. All good things

  21. All good things

    @pelevin the server script and data was given to someone else and they are using it to start a fresh tbc server. more info: https://discord.gg/k9daNH its not up yet but it’s coming soon , should be 1-2months and we will probably get to play old toons on ptr.
  22. All good things

    So you guys havent reconsidered to open the server yet? If it was open atm you would have had like a lot more players. And pretty much sure some of them would have bought some items and gear. Theres no sign of the end of pandemic yet, and bringing the server back could not only help people to survive this, but the server owner sure could have made more money on it than before.
  23. All good things

    Sad to see that Excalibur was closed and I lost my druid, the tier and my mounts; I spent a long time playing in that server. I would be happy if the server comes back some day, maybe now I should play (finally) in the official server. Thanks to the team that made it possible, I send you my best wishes.
  24. All good things

    In the end, if you want to find people/advertise, use discord/WhatsApp if that’s what your guild use. You won’t get many ppl from the forum here.
  25. All good things

    I guess they might have policy where they dont want other servers to make advertisment page out of the forums. I kinda get you and them also.
  26. All good things

    Hello, let me preface this post by saying I don't really understand why I'm writing any of this, but as fellow humans you might understand permanent homeoffice doesn't result in rational behaviour (Day 12(?), I installed WoW again, why?!). I couldn't care less about you closing the server, I understand there's myriad of factors that came into play regarding that decision; after running a TBC private server for over a decade.., well, life changes. So it goes. I could, but won't, go on a tangent about how it could've been handled better; not privy to the background info, commenting on that would be silly. All I have is a question. After fracturing a community, however distant and small, and hardly following up on the promises made regarding transition, how can you actually delete posts mentioning other private servers on these forums? There's been a couple of people sharing a link for a TBC server* made custom for 5 man raids; all of which were subsequently deleted. I mean what the fuck do you care about people sharing their experience of other servers with other providers after you closed up? Is there any sort of a rational reason based on which you mind the players, from a server you closed, to meet and continue enjoying the TBC experience on a different private platform? Seriously, I honestly don't really understand why it pisses me off, but deleting posts by members of the community mentioning other servers where a bunch of players from here could migrate is...like, why, man? Seriously, fuck off, you're just acting like dicks at this point. *I actually made an account there and it looks like it might be fun! So everything above this is a prejudiced, emotional, opinionated and a subjective comment with 0 value.
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