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    better "lazy leader Aladeen" - we wouldnt be in this situation in the first place if he shifted his ownership to someone more caring
  3. All good things

    I can assure you that transfer talks aren't just rumors. We are indeed in the middle of the negotiations atm, but can't give you details, nor can't promise you negotiations will be successful, please understand that. Our glorious leader Aladeen will inform you as soon as we have anything more than this.
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  5. All good things

    Raesha here (Trial GM in 2014). Thank you for all the wonderful memories this server brought me! Goodbye everyone all the best!
  6. All good things

    Nothing out of ordinary beside losing gold which there are ways to walk around, transfering items. they can even keep legendary so gear is not lost. some data is different etc. Makes sense. Not much is getting lost i would say
  7. All good things

    Nothing out of ordinary beside losing gold which there are ways to walk around, transfering items. they can even keep legendary so gear is not lost. some data is different etc. Makes sense. Not much is getting lost i would say
  8. All good things

    https://atlantiss.eu/news/324/lights-hope-transfers And this is from vanilla to TBC server. It would be even more strict from TBC I can imagine.
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    You should be happy if there would be anytype of transfer at all wheather its wotlk/tbc being naked if you expect that some diffrent server will accept all those bis toons into their comunity to a tbc server youre foolish. Me personaly im very suspicious of any type of a transfer at all it could be a move to make you still play the game without thinking this all is going to go to waste. Which if you play for gear and not interactions with other players and the gameplay itself youre dooomed already anyway.
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    Example? Nostalrius > Elysium was full gear Didnt hear about other transfers
  11. All good things

    You understand that transfer means like naked 70 chars? No matter where they will never allow you to transfer gear, titles, gold etc. It will be super limited maybe just proffesions. You also need to change name if is taken. Warmane is not an option, its fuckin dead server. I honestly dont see where. I doubt that NW will accept or if they do it will be super strict.
  12. All good things

    Thank you Excalibur and Excalibur community for all the fun I had here.
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    Sad to see this happen. Started playing on this server years ago, and it's the only one where I got past the "get to level 70 do nothing, make an alt" and tried really hard to raid and finish the end game content which was my goal, it was such a journey to experience all the PVE content I'd only watched from afar and conquer even the most difficult bosses. For that reason this server is special to me. I've had so many fun and exciting moments throughout the years, met a few cool people, despite playing on and off. The community as a whole is pretty tightly knit which made the experience more enjoyable, and the GM's were always very kind and gracious whenever I needed help. Thanks for all the years, Excal! Hopefully I remember the farewell party date.
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    The only TBC server that would qualify for a transfer is probably Warmane (same content patch, cash shop (with glaives... ). And since they're actually making their money selling gear I'm not sure they'd be up for flooding their server with a bunch of BIS geared toons. Unless "transfer" means quest geared or naked level 70 characters and even then I don't know if other TBC projects would be happy with this because you could buy your levels here (and still can). Actual character transfers will realistically only happen to a WOTLK server imho.
  16. All good things

    The sadness chills me. But the overwhelming emotion is gratitude. Thank you for the years of hard work you put in. Thank you for the safe haven when Blizz turned retail into poop, and 'funservers' were everywhere, and servers came and went like farts under a duvet. Thank you and good luck with whatever may come next!
  17. All good things

    Any chance of letting us know if and on which realm there are ongoing transfer discussions between staff members? Some people would like to know if this transfer talk won't be just another rumour.
  18. All good things

    Nah theres plenty SWP farmers on this forum most of the server is pve and jumping thru content fast atleast it used to be like that when pop was higher i have way more hours spent in SWP than all the other raids combined on this server and theres ton of this type of dudes here.
  19. All good things

    Kadiyania/Amisapa {Primal Horde} here. Good bye Excal peeps. I will greatly miss Excal, you all have been a part of my life the last 9'ish years. I've met numerous friends all around the world here on Excal, some only online others in person. It's too many to list but if you know me just know you were special to me, your friendship holds value to me, ya'll got me through some dark times, thank you. Thanks Thelx and Excal staff, much appreciated. memories ...
  20. All good things

    First of all, thanks to all the staff and players for the great times and experience! As always, I have to ask this question: what is going to happen with the source code of the server, and basic (clean) database schema, and other back-end items. Will it be shared on a git repo or similar? In terms of continuation/transfers, I will wait and see. I haven't played for a while now, but do play every now and again, so am interested in what options exist. Thanks again, and I hope for a promising future for the players and server team within the TBC spectrum (and elsewhere if they are leaving TBC altogether). Keeping an eye on all materializing events from now! Kind regards, ---
  21. All good things

    99% of the people reading this forum cant advise anyone in anything. Not even in how to properly press one spell in tbc to do some damage.
  22. All good things

    Remember what I said in response to that at Christmas? My response is just as true now as it was then.
  23. All good things

    Remember what i sayd on Christmass? "They try to get easy cash before server shutdown"?How right i was!
  24. All good things

    goodbye excalibur community love you all still here after 6-7 years when the first scripting of swp took place and we tested it as a guild (immortal) so long ago it was that i dont even remember the names bruiser was our guild leader the drama the wipes the fight over some fiirst server amani bears and gears all while the server was fresh and most endgame raids like swp were in development here is a vid to comemorate that period and here is me raiding hogger special event enjoy
  25. All good things

    How to get into a t6 raiding guild on Netherwing fast if a veteran SWP player? Just tell people in t6 guilds you can advise them about how to do SWP as its behind the corner lol, you get a spot to just to advise them! Not that I have done it though, just saying
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    Thanks dude, You're a good friend. Dayuum, Good Old Days.
  28. All good things

    Hello! This is Mubashir/Mub (Druid/Hunter) I wanted to say a few words and admit somethings because I might never get another change and I feel that if I don't today....I might be never 0. I was Gnomish, probably the most bum GM of all times on ExcaliburWOW. 1. I am sorry @Nerokk, I once said some very offensive things to you (indirectly) and knew that it would hurt you and/or maybe someone else's feeling and ...I am really sorry to have done that; I was immature, in fact very immature back then. I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! 1.1 Thank you for everything @Thelxinoe, from the depth of my heat. 2. I am sorry to all others if I have ever been toxic to you/raid, I had a very short temper back then and if a player/team/raid wasn't serious - I would rage and say offensive/abusive words. I AM SORRY ABOUT THIS TOO. 3. @Keritous dude it has been a pleasure knowing you and your fellow Persian friends, including Mustafa Mizdushi, Saoron, Farid and some more; I hope and it is my prayer that I remain in contact with you all for ...forever! 4. @MrAladeen thank you for administering such a beautiful realm, it has been a pleasure playing with my fellow teammates here. 5. I used to spend a lot of times browsing some good addons and it was hard to have them all at one place during 2013 - 2014, so I made a rar file of whatever I had collected and uploaded it to Google Drive and made it public for everyone to use, that link is presented on this thread : link ; you are all welcome. If someone from the following Guilds: The Hammer of Light Tervaleijona Salvation DeProfundis Are reading this, I wanna say that I am grateful to have played along side you. We did a lot of stuff together, including singing songs on Teamspeak, wasting time farming mats for raids, making fun of Samoonra <3, sorry Sammm <3 :-D Samoonra sire, you taught me the da wae of da Druid <3 ...So many more things to say, but honestly I have ran out of words for this. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! My discord name is: Mubashir#6081
  29. All good things

    So any news on the transfers yet?
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