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  3. Double rates October

    Finally, Horda and the Allys will be able to sell medal's at a double price only for flask lol. Thanks you!
  4. Double rates October

    Yay! Thanks!
  5. Double rates October

    Greetings everyone! Double rates will be active from Friday 18th 00:01 to Monday 21st 05:59 ST. Following rates for all factions will be increased: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering and gold. Enjoy!
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    2. Spacey


      @Carebot This is now declared intended. 

    3. Carebot
    4. Spacey


      We might borrow your guys to build our bridges, they look so nice!

  8. vxcE3FZ.png

    Dear  N'Zoth the Corruptor,

            My name is Puddi and my character is 7 years old. I have been a very good girl this year. I help Mommy with quests, and I listen to Daddy when he tells me to go help lowbies. I am also try to be as nice as possible to other players.

            Thank you for all the presents last year. They were all really nice, and I played with all of them a lot. This year I would like to ask for strength to keep believing in others (the amount of fucks they give), for people to remember their promises and an lastly and mostly for arena reset.

            Please give my love to Mrs. Queen Azshara, the naggas, and all the undead, especially Nathanos. I will leave some gold for the undead next to your milk and eternal damnation.



    1. Bon


      So relatable, can I also sign under your letter?

    2. Spacey


      @Bon of course! If you would also write one I would love to read it ;).

  9. Double rates weekend

    Hey everyone! Double rates will be active from Friday 13th 00:01 to Monday 16th 05:59 ST. Following rates for all factions will be increased: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering and gold. Have fun!
  10. Twitch GM Q+A Session #2

    Greetings Players, We are back with yet another Twitch GM Q+A! After the success of the first Q+A, we are hosting another session due to popular demand. This second session will be on Sunday, September 1st at 7pm server time. The stream will be hosted on our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/excaliwow. The Q+A itself will take place via Twitch chat and GMs will answer questions via a streamed Discord voice chat. The content of the Q+A this time will be entirely up to the viewers. We will try our best to answer all the questions shot our way. We hope that this second discussion will continue to bring answers to you guys! See you all in two weeks! ~The ExWoW Staff
  11. Double rates August

    North America
  12. Double rates August

    Yay! Thanks! See ya ingame!
  13. Double rates August

    What it means NA?
  14. Double rates August

    Thanks for the extra time for na players
  15. Double rates August

    Nice to see the extended ending time for NA players.
  16. Double rates August

    Double thanks too! AH I like that one, will steal it.
  17. Double rates August

    Awesome, a double thank you !
  18. Double rates August

    Hey guys, double rates will be active from Friday 16th 00:01 to Monday 19th 05:00 ST. Following rates for all factions will be increased: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering and gold. Enjoy!
  19. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    lol what?
  20. Twitch GM Q+A Session

  21. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    also give gold to newbies who ask you, either for gear or leveling up skills couple days ago an orc warrior asked me for 50 gold, gave him 500 instead, he was so happy it made me feel smile and i ll keep giving if someone asks me when im logged also the stream was great
  22. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    You don't need to create a forum account. Your in-game login is connected to the forum.
  23. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    To that extent, I suggest we make the registration page have a required forum account section and, as a follow up, the account.excalibur.ws page to have a button that could automatically connect the user (when logged) to the forum page. Would be nice in my opinion, as not everyone creates a forum account right off the bat.
  24. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    Be nice if new people can see forums and know we are alive and kicking
  25. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    Murray the creature of the century.
  26. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    That brings up a good question. I know new website is done and we're all waiting for @MrAladeen to implement it but do GMs have access or the ability to change anything on the current frontpage? Such as Murry and the Blog entries?
  27. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    Guys idk if someone mentioned it allready, but the excal landing page might scare people of. To be precise, the latest blogpost entry which date back to 2014 and fucking Murray. Murray needs to go. In all seriousness, those things might act as a deterrent to new players, they check the landing page and might think its abandoned or at the very least, little cared for. Take care of Murray, he was here long enough.
  28. Twitch GM Q+A Session

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