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  2. Happy holidays!

    Trump got hired for things he said which would be all hidden if they were written here While it is probably true what you say about ownership of server, as i own many things too i know that also owners can't freely do what they please. Succesful ownership is more of a responsibility than it is a privilege. Any of what was written doesn't change the fact that current GMing is by far better than the one few years ago. There you go another gift, back to back. Thank you and have a wonderful day too.
  3. Happy holidays!

    Freedom of speech is a protection against government banning speech of its citizens. It does not just allow you to say whatever you want. This is evident in the fact you can get fired from a job based on your speech. In this case, Excalibur is a private server owned by an individual who is allowed to do what he chooses with his private property. There is no freedom of speech here. The rules are dictated to you and you agree to them when you join the server/forum. As to feedback, we do receive it. We don't delete it. If it violates the afor mentioned rules we will not continue to make it available for public consumption. So the staff who has been empowered by the owner are just exercising our freedoms that pertain to private property as described in most liberal constitutions. This is my gift to you. Have a wonderful day.
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  5. Happy holidays!

    Let's make a server played by forums then Let's see how it goes. Last year my spouse said: Thanks hunny for this wonderful laptop, this year she said thanks hun for this wonderful car. However in any year of 10 years that we are together for gifts ranging between 2k-30k € per piece she never altogether showed that many feelings (positive or negative) as i could see in any comment i can read here for 15 € (1500 credits). Just wash your mom's car and buy 5000 credits for it and stop crying. P.S.: I didn't really get the part about Chinese dolls vs Barbies. Could you please elaborate?
  6. Happy holidays!

    I think no credits is fair we already gets free gear as 70 gift and people still want free credits
  7. Happy holidays!

    Just saying, I predicted this before it happened
  8. Happy holidays!

    Freedom of speech exist, but normally forums have rules, sections and in general appropriate places to express that opinion. This is happy holidays thread, not "Gaming Spoiled brats support group". Constantly being negative and shitting on everything should be toned down a little and if people can't understand themselves how and what is okay to say... Well maybe moderation should be implied. In this topic specific, if your kids or spouse said things about your gift, would you consider it freedom of speech or plain rude. "Dad, no wonder you bought us cheap Chinese dolls, not real Barbies, you just want to save money, all you care about is yourself DAD". Would you proceed to parent them or just let them disrespect you? "Well next year my little princesses are getting some coal barbies for X-mas". Consider this X-mas officially COALd for.
  9. Happy holidays!

    Should have quoted the post I was replying to because now it's gone lol
  10. Happy holidays!

    I've always considered it a donation anytime I've contributed to the shard. They let you play for free and it's nice to show your appreciation for all the work the staff puts in. Really if your worried that the things you bought here won't be there tomorrow maybe you should spend your money irl then and hold what you bought. Otherwise support what you like or love not expecting it to come back to you. Sounds kind of foolhardy to advise people who also like what you like to not support what you both enjoy.
  11. Happy holidays!

    Look at it from the bright side, the Forum is so lively now! Not only this topic, but also bug reports and some other ones got pretty active somehow.
  12. Happy holidays!

    An item from the store costs what, 15-ish dollars? Depending on your country, that's ~1-3 hours of work. If you really want to get it, well, people above said it better than I can. You spend hundreds of hours in the game. If you can't sacrifice 3 hours of your life to get an item you want (or can't get it yourself, duh?), maybe you don't really want/need it.
  13. Happy holidays!

    Honestly though, I bet the admins intended on giving you all the credits you crave so much, but they wanted to announce them later (for example, on the Christmas day itself). I don't think they have any desire to gift them to you anymore, after all the stuff you said. =/
  14. Happy holidays!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!! Have fun with the x4 for 14 whole days!!! Spread the word to other communities this is the best time to level if your an endgamer! A sweet discount on already an inexpensive store! And to all complaining about no credits If your looking for free gear you have plenty of time to grind some gold in x4 and purchase it from the community!
  15. Happy holidays!

    It's got something to do with freedom of speech and free sharing of individual opinion. Something that has been violated by some gm's many times before on previous forum by editing, hiding, deleting, muting,... Besides supporting liberal constitution rights I believe that a feedback no matter what it looks or sounds like is a gift for the individual or party receiving it.
  16. Happy holidays!

    To Anyone complaining about not getting things they take for granted.... You are rude. Complaining about a fucking gift and asking why they don’t get more. Few xmas ago, when we used to get random amount of credits(800), people would complain how it is not enough.also, about the time to claim the gift being not long enough. Is it ever just good enough? Are you dense, I am tempted to log just to fucking gank you repeatedly. And why is this shitty offtopic even allowed in this “happy holidays topic”. Why the messages aint deleted? Why people not warned for gm disrespect? why people not warned for toxic posts? Why I am not warned? I demand warns for everyone(me included)! p.s. half joking about the warns.
  17. Happy holidays!

    Would just like to say thank you to the GM's for the Christmas gift. We moved over a year ago and our internet hasn't been good enough to get online, but that's all going to change in a week. (They have better LTE Tech in our area now) looking forward to coming back. Keep it alive lady's and gentlemen and hopefully I'll see you out there ps why complain about something that's a gift, some of you have never been backhanded by your mother's and it shows.
  18. Happy holidays!

    You just said the problem yourself, that is a problem. If people come to pick up free credits and then don't play, the problem is exactly there, people don't play and instead want quick gear through christmas instead of farming content. I don't get your logic..... Can you elaborate this one for me? Mainly the "They want everything they can get and more." part. Having that in mind how is giving free credits a good idea? When you do BT for a few months you will likely be left with 1-2 items missing from BT and then you will be like, I have 3 options: 1. continue farming, spend hours in BT to try to get lucky and get what I need. 2. donate and get done with it. 3. Waiting for Christmas credits. Most people will go for option 3 which makes them obviously bothered now because their plan didn't work and they didn't farm the item they are missing expecting to get it the easy way, credits. Well millenials get used to it, life does not always go the way you plan it
  19. Happy holidays!

    I'm far from angry. Many people and myself included are just suprised that GMs decided to remove free credits from X-Mas gift and instead they offer you a 20% discount on the store. People get used to things, if you take it from them they will complain obviously. Why fix what is not broken? This server has far more important problems to solve than free credits. Actually, free credits helps keeping the community alive and happy I guess. Some people play on and off and they come back during this time of the year. Funny Millennials meme...but actually I'm closer to Generation X You on the other hand....with 22 accounts seems like you clearly are in that Millennial demographic. They want everything they can get and more. 1 item per year is gamebreaking? Most classes have 17 gear slots and you can't buy Brutal/SWP gear. Accounts with multiple 70's...do the math I would say 365 days of 2x rate is way more gamebreaking than that.... Community keeps the server alive. Donators keep the server running. Simple as that. Theres a store for a reason.
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  21. Happy holidays!

  22. Happy holidays!

    I do what can. To be fair, I am on page 1 of this thread as well, lol.
  23. Happy holidays!

    1. There was arena events, Scarab Lord title, a bunch of forum events this year. (If you want a certain kind of event you can make a post in forums to see if its possible) 2. GMS Work for free answering tickets. This isnt a corporation. Its a handful of people that dedicate there free time to help out individuals and have real lifes also. 3. Name a better TBC Server that has been around for 13 years. 4. You sir are the "Wanna-be-Troll player. 5. Multiboxing and logging different clients is 2 different things. Please show me where people are multiboxing. 6. A. Eternal Gamers is a 6/6 guild and we have new recruits all the time we bring through just gotta show some initiative and some skill/wanting to improve to be in a top end guild. B. There is 3 new guilds that popped up progressing from the bottom to top at the moment so you could always Progress like all the other Top End guilds have done. (Wiping on Muru for months) C. There is a leveling guild dedicated to help new players and get them ready and advise them how to get into top end content. It might be your time to move on but dont speak for everyone
  24. Happy holidays!

    Its not so hard to get into a SWP guild that is progressing through Sunwell but if you want to join a 6/6 farming guild that's a different story, 6/6 guilds prefer to recruit people with 6/6 experience and a big majority of people I am raiding with have progressed through the content without being carried, actually killing bosses for the first time in guilds that killed it for the first time.
  25. Happy holidays!

    No credits… just some useless double rates. Great!
  26. Happy holidays!

    While everyone is crying about GETTING free stuff other servers are doing that. Hell the crying about getting x4 for longer then we usually do using the excuse we get it every month. The only reason we get it every month is because the gms were nice enough to let us have it even though the community isnt voting at all. Would you like them to take that away to you spoiled kids. And all this nonsense coming from people only been on server for a year.
  27. Happy holidays!

    Well,you only prove my point when you delete my last post.So,i will repeat it! There are tons of great and stable servers with huge populations,who deserve our attention more then Excalibur,here are reasons why im saying that : #1 Lack of creative and handcrafted events / content. #2 Two week waiting time for a ticket. #3 False advertising on Server list websites we vote on (I mean that awfully stupid "Number #1 TBC server" line in description) #4 So many "Wanna-be-Troll" players here. #5 So many MultyBoxers #6 If you´re new player,it´s nearly impossible to get into a SWP-tier raiding guild. It´s time to move on.Let it die with honor.
  28. Happy holidays!

    Aerion, I love you for being able to randomly join a conversation with something you maybe didn't even intend to make funny and yet manage to make me laugh!
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