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  3. Transfers and more

    Hi all, My nostalgia hit and I wanted to export my char, but I can't seem to be able to locate it. I know I had more than one account here and im almost 100% certain that I have access to my main one, but the main character that raised levels of nostalgia is not there... I've searched all my emails for any clues if I'm forgetting the actual account, but can't seem to find it. Any GMs/admins/whatever would be able/willing to help?
  4. Transfers and more

    Is there a list of server allowing transfers?
  5. All good things

    It's been exactly a year since I started dying. I've tried a lot of 2.4.3 servers over the past year, but that only accelerated the process of my death. know everything! Aladin is responsible for my death... goodbye friends we will meet in the next world
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